Thursday, December 13, 2007

Steroids in Baseball, Blunt, and Endorsements

Any baseball fan has to be disappointed by today's release of the Mitchell Report. I am still reeling over a few of the names reported to have used performance enhancing drugs at some point during their career--Paul Lo Duca, Gary Matthews, Jr., Paul Byrd, Matt Herges, and a few others really struck me.

I suppose I am not surprised by the existence of steroids in baseball. I'm not surprised to see Clemens, Bonds, Giambi, or others on the list. I am surprised to see a few guys that I've watched and admired for their talent without knowing that they had an edge over their competitors.

Maybe only a true baseball fan can understand what the release of the Mitchell Report has felt like. It's a sucker punch to baseball fans and a sad day for America's past time.


As I mentioned Monday, last week was particularly difficult for me academically. When I signed on to process the Stallings Collection I had no idea what time it would take or how committed I would become. Most of all I didn't realize that it would consume my life and my studies would suffer. I'm feeling a little better about the entire situation today. The whole situation has made me appreciation James Blunt's single "Same Mistake" from his latest album. Go listen to it, if you haven't already.


I receive numerous campaign emails from the major Democratic presidential candidates daily. A day or so ago I received an email that mentioned the position former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle has in the Obama campaign--National Co-Chair. With Ray Mabus. Go figure! I'm not an Obama supporter, if I had to choose I'd go with Biden at this point, but I am a huge fan of Daschle. I have been since I was in junior high school. The email has really made me think about what endorsements mean. Does it change your opinion of a candidate based on the endorsements they receive? Can you like Obama more with Oprah behind him? Hillary with...hmm...Bill? Huckabee or Romney with the Big Man behind them? I mean, really, what does an endorsement mean? If it really mattered, I suppose I'd back Obama because of Daschle. I could potentially back Hillary with Dolores Huerta backing her. I'm sure there are plenty of other reasonable endorsements of each of the candidates. I just don't see how much it matters. Too bad Daschle isn't running...

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