Saturday, January 19, 2008

Caucus/Primary Questions

McCain?!? How did that happen?
How old is John McCain?
What's with the Thompson staging?
Are Edwards' days numbered in this race?
Ron Paul? That's all I can say.
Is everybody else as baffled as I am tonight?

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Jessica said...

McCain: Got key endorsements and touted his conservative values, such as his pro-life record. Also used the fact that we are in the middle of a war and in the middle of a "transcendent challenge" of our time, which is fighting "radical Islamic extremists" as a reason why we should elect him versus someone without his experience. Also, he used poll results showing he is the only Repub that can beat Hillary in lots of mailers and lit pieces.

I don't think Edwards will drop out until he receives an offer that he can't refuse.

Ron Paul has support everywhere and his volunteers are everywhere. It's actually pretty inspiring and cool.