Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Goose is Golden

Votes are in and the National Baseball Hall of Fame will be inducting Rich "Goose" Gossage at their 2008 ceremony in Cooperstown.

Goose Gossage will be joining one of his former managers, Mr. Dick Williams, as well as former team owners Walter O'Malley and Barney Dreyfuss. These men will be joining the distinguished former commissioner Bowie Kuhn. If I remember correctly, Billy Southworth, a former Cardinal (player and manager) is also being inducted.

In a year when the MLB can't seem to catch a break it is refreshing to see a player like Gossage gaining entrance into the hall of fame.

Gossage will be the lone entry this year which surprised me. I was sure it was going to be the year of Jack Morris or Dale Murphy. However, Goose is one of few relief pitchers in the Hall and justifiably so. For more information on the career of Goose Gossage please see his baseball reference page.

The Goose is certainly golden today. Congrats to baseball for making a wise choice in a time of unfortunate pitfalls.


jen said...

Hooray Goose! I just now stumbled across your blog and like it already. Anyone who honors JFK with his words like you have has to write a good blog! One thing, though... I'm a bit of an Obama supporter. But I could support Hillary if she was the Democratic candidate -- like my father has said, the Democrats' problem is that all the candidates are so good... but the Republicans' problem is that they're all so bad!

Tara A. Rowe said...

Welcome, Jen. It is not a problem for me if you're an Obama supporter! ;) Your father sounds like a smart fellow!

Cameron said...

I'm glad Goose got in, but I was dissapointed that more of the 80's hitters didn't make it. Rice, Dawson, Murphy and Raines are all deserving in my opinion. And anyone that watched game 7 of the 91 Series has to vote for Jack Morris.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Amen to the Jack Morris comment! Was that 1991 or 1992? It couldn't have been in the same series as the walkoff homer hit by Kirby Puckett in game six, could it?

Julie Fanselow said...

I grew up in Pittsburgh and my family spent many days at Three Rivers Stadium out in the outfield seats with a big banner. I painted it; it had a big Goose on it, and his number and something like "Put in the Goooooose."

Good times, and I am glad he's finally getting in the Hall. Next to Roberto C, Willie the Starge, and the Candy Man (John Candelaria), Goose was my fave.

Julie Fanselow said...

Forgot to say: I've been so consumed with work and politics this week that I hadn't read the sports news and hadn't even heard about Goose.

"I heard it first on The Political Game."

You can quote me.

I also agree that Dale Murphy ought to get the nod!