Sunday, January 6, 2008

Leading the IDP

In the past two weeks I have heard from several people (bloggers and others) that the sudden resignation of Richard Stallings as chairman of the Idaho Democratic Party had more to do with the internal politics and good ole boy system that may have brought John Foster to the position of executive director of the party. I heard that Jerry Brady was the old guard's choice despite his public support of Walt Minnick. I had heard that a few others were told to not involve themselves or seek nomination on the floor of the central committee meeting. And, I had heard that Stallings was pushed out.

Yesterday I linked to two posts at Idaho Rocks as a segway into what I planned to say today. However, this morning what I planned to say went out the window and I have decided to make my entire position on the current status of the IDP known.

The Idaho Democratic Party is in strong, capable hands.

Whatever recommendations came to the IDP on the behalf of John Foster were 100% true. He is a bright, energetic leader who brings a fresh face to the party and a true sense of direction. I do not doubt his qualifications and wish others wouldn't either. It is refreshing to have the director of the state party involving bloggers and young people by and large in discussions and respecting their opinion. Capable hands.

And, whatever reason there was to doubt Jerry Brady in this process should be irrelevant. Need I remind you that just over a month ago Stallings resigned from the Pocatello City Council with the comment that he would be devoting more time to the state party? Brady, nor anybody else for that matter, could have known Stallings would be leaving his post sooner, rather than later. Politicos endorse people, it is in our blood. From what I have heard, Minnick is a friend and was the logical endorsement for Brady. Brady should not have been penalized for his endorsement and from what I have heard, made his intentions very clear at the, teleconference.

Throughout this entire process my inclination was not to question those who took the reigns of the party, but was to question what brought about Stallings' sudden resignation. I have to admit, I worried for a day or so about the health and well being of both Stallings and his wife. The thought did not cross my mind that there could be political forces at work here. That amount of cynicism did not occur to me. The IDP is nothing like the party that recently threw Larry Craig under a very fast moving bus. Due to my number one concern being Stallings, it didn't occur to me that any "forces" were at work, nor did I believe that one faction was promoting Jerry Brady over the other factions nominee Keith Roark. Call me naive, but it didn't seem to be the case.

Now, with all that said, I have complete faith in the abilities of Keith Roark. His grasp on the situation at hand is honest and straight forward. As I mentioned yesterday, my perspective is tainted by my admiration for Richard Stallings and my opinion that his shoes are pretty big ones to feel. This is by no means intended to discredit Roark or anybody else at the state party because I know that party is in good hands with Roark, Foster, and Buell, perhaps it is only meant as a disclaimer so my position is not misconstrued.

In the coming days prior to Super Tuesday I believe we will see remarkable leadership coming out of Boise and whatever fears or rumors existed throughout this process will be quashed.


IdahoRocks said...

FYI, Tara, I don't post without facts, or at least enough substantial evidence to question a situation. I am a professional. It is certainly your right to question me, especially since in this case I will not reveal my sources. But I was very pleased with all the positive comments I received on my blog and in personal emails. I shall continue to write about anything which doesn't pass the sniff test for open government. I believe that the Bush administration is so corrupt that it has set a bad precedent and thank goodness for great investigative reporters like Greg Palast.

All that being said, I do enjoy your blog and appreciate the cross posts at Red State Rebels.

Matt said...

Was Stallings replacement named?