Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Losing Ohio

In 2004 after Kerry lost Ohio I wondered about the 2008 presidential race. I knew, just looking at his eyes, that John Kerry would not be his party's nominee again. I suspected that John Edwards would run for either a House or Senate seat and he would settle back down with his family. I thought Hillary Clinton would consider a run for the White House, but would be talked out of it by the DNC long before 2008 rolled around. And I listened to that young senator giving the keynote at the Democratic Convention in 2004 and thought he had a bright future in politics.

A bright future in politics, but not specifically 2008. I don't believe Obama has the experience. I believe he has the leadership ability. I believe he has hope and a plan. And I sure do like listening to the guy, but I just can't be sure he has the foreign policy experience a president would need on day one.

I truly believed Hillary would be talked out of running by a party that sees the opinions around her. I thought she would say she had more to do in the Senate, can accomplish more there, etc. Isn't that what all politicos say when they don't want to or can't make the leap? I'm speaking from experience here.

And I really thought John Edwards would settle down with his family and pray wonderful wife has many, many years still to spend with her family.

When John Kerry lost Ohio I still had some respect for Joe Leiberman. When John Kerry lost Ohio I had faith that the war in Iraq was in its final days--I couldn't fathom the reality of a war started as I was preparing to graduate from high school continuing throughout college career. I am now beginning my Masters degree and Iraq is still news story number on every night of the week. When John Kerry lost Ohio I knew without a doubt that the Bush administration would crumble and the Democrats would bring strength to the table in 2006 and regain control of Congress. When John Kerry lost Ohio, I thought the Democrats were at their lowest point and there was nowhere to go but up.

Today in Nevada we have three candidates, none of whom will completely sign on with a national gun registry. Three candidates who each in their own way support big business just as much as they publicly loathe it. Edwards voted for the bankruptcy bill--a bill that did more for credit card companies than those who in desperation look to bankruptcy as an option. Three candidates that have reasonable answer to Yucca Mountain and three candidates who really don't make a whole lot of sense on clean energy. Tonight in Nevada they took the stage and admitted regret in regard to certain votes. They took the stage on the night of Dr. King's birthday only doing harm to the great lengths this country had progressed due to King, Medgar Evers, Bobby Kennedy, and other civil rights leaders. The very fact that they are still talking about race as an issue in the campaign makes me wonder if any of the previously mentioned men and women are still face up in their graves. I'd surely be rolling over in mine if I listened to some of that.

I am a Democrat and a proud one, but I can't say that since John Kerry lost Ohio and all that has come after including the Democrats seizing Congress, I have felt a Democratic candidate, presidential or otherwise, was an honest, decent, progressive politician that I agreed with even 90%.

It is all about the audience, the face time, and where the money is coming from.

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