Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Middle of the Week Mélange

I have returned from the sea of red and yellow. Red and yellow? Yes, I have returned from the land of the Cotton Bowl where I saw my fair share of Arkansas and Missouri football fans. I must have been the only person in town for reasons other than football!

Despite what I said earlier about TNT pulling re-runs of Law & Order featuring presidential candidate Fred Thompson, they seem to be running a marathon of episodes with Thompson in them on the eve of the Iowa caucus.

Lots and lots of 2007 lists are popping up with reviews of all the political, Hollywood, and otherwise tabloidesque goings-on. Can't help but notice Larry Craig's name on many of those lists. While on vacation to both Little Rock, rural Arkansas, and Dallas, I got many questions about Idaho. One person said all they knew about Idaho was that we grow potatoes. Another, I kid you not, said, "Isn't that where that senator is from?" Yes, Idaho the land of Larry "Widestance" Craig. Geez. What a legacy.

On my trip I had my first visit to a Whole Foods store. All I really knew about it before that visit was what I heard them talk about on Six Feet Under. Pretty great place. I wish we had one here. Until then I guess I'll have to settle for the organics at Fred Meyer.

There was an interesting story over at Ridenbaugh Press while I was on vacation about dairies and laundry in Filer. Some day I'll tell you all about my comments about Filer that got me in a bit of trouble while in high school geometry class. I digress...featured prominently in the story is the request of a Filer resident that the dairies buy their own laundromat so the residents of Filer can use theirs again.

While I'm thinking about it, if anybody cares to know, my vote for Stallings' replacement as the chairman of the Idaho Democratic Party is executive director of United Vision for Idaho, Jim Hansen. I don't know what the requirements are for this sort of position, but there's my endorsement.

I took somewhere near 500 pictures while on my trip, so expect to see many of them appear here in the next few days. I'll also give you a recap of my trip when I get unpacked and settled in. So far I'd rather nap than unpack.

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