Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, Monday

What a weekend! To think I was in Elko Thursday night, Declo Friday night, and Pocatello Saturday night makes my head spin.

It is nice to be home, though not entirely nice to be back to work today. I took Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday off from the Stallings Collection. I can't say I accomplished anything at home that I should have. Saturday I found myself glued to MSNBC. Sunday morning when I finally rolled out of bed (or I should say the couch) I was able to pick up a new camera cord and attend to a heap of laundry. However, my readings for my classes are not done and the Stallings Collection sits right where it was when I so spontaneously left it Thursday afternoon.

ISU is closed for Martin Luther King Day, the library included, but I have a key and here I am.

While I have been away from the world of non-political news, Bobby Fischer died (I realize that isn't entirely non-political), my brother's beloved Green Bay Packers got knocked out of contention for the Super Bowl, caffeine is bad for you, and Roger Clemens and the now infamous McNamee are still making headlines.

And don't forget Oscar nominations happen tomorrow! Not that any body is staking a bet on whether or not the great award show will even take place this year amidst the writer's strike...

You all may be wondering why I am not mentioning MLK Day, aside from the mention of ISU being closed. Simple. I choose to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., his life and legacy, on the 28th of August every year. Since I will not be posting a tribute, I will instead direct you toward the Google home page graphic. I can't think of a better or more beautiful tribute.

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Julie Fanselow said...

I love that Google graphic! Thanks for the link. And August 28 seems like a fine time to celebrate - though really, we ought to do it more than one or two days a year.