Monday, January 7, 2008

On the Eve of Everything

Tomorrow could very well end the hopes of several presidential candidates. Tomorrow will be history in the making.

On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, I find myself irritated with New Hampshire Republicans and the media at large.

First of all, explain to me how John McCain is leading the Republican pack in New Hampshire. And don't tell me he won there in 2000. I dare you to tell me that John McCain is the same politician he was in 2000. Right. He's a panderer. How can New Hampshire Republicans be so blind to that? How is he ahead?

Second, give Hillary a break. The woman had tears in her eyes and the media is saying she's weak, she's losing, she sees her end insight, and she's being a woman. Good God! I bet she's had an hour or two of sleep in the last twenty-four hours. I get tears in my eyes when I've had four hours of sleep. The media is portraying sincerity for weakness only because she is a woman. I don't agree with Hillary's positions most of the time and I certainly wouldn't be voting for her over any of the other Democratic candidates, but as a woman I feel the need to defend her. Give her a break. The media portrays her as a monster one day and emotional the next. Last I checked the man in the Oval Office (or Crawford...I can't ever keep track of when he's on "vacation") doesn't have any feelings. Showing a little emotion when talking about what is best for this country does not make a person weak, I believe it is what they call patriotism.

I'd like to see Romney get his head handed to him on a plate tomorrow and I would love to see McCain face up to what he has become since his last appearance on the ballot in New Hampshire.

On the eve of what could be the political equivalent of everything, what I really want is to see something that doesn't resemble politics as usual.

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