Thursday, January 17, 2008

Road Trip!

John Edwards right before my eyes. That is how my evening has been. Why? Well, let's just say every political junkie needs a road trip!

Wednesday night I received an email from the Blogmother herself asking if I'd be interested in meeting her in Twin Falls and then driving to Elko, Nevada to see not one, but four presidential candidates. Romney, Edwards, Clinton, and Obama have been or will be in this small town for the next eighteen hours. Four presidential candidates. How could I pass that up?

So here we are and we saw John Edwards! John Edwards at the Star Hotel this evening among a rowdy crowd of Nevada Democrats. Well...the rowdy bunch were the hecklers in the back--ranchers, go figure--but, all in all it was an awesome event.

Tomorrow morning we'll get the chance to listen to the spewings of Governor Mitt Romney and in the afternoon both Senators Clinton and Obama will be addressing large gatherings at local gymnasiums.

Pictures to come and plenty of political analysis when it isn't so late and I have "processed" how spontaneously splendid this all is.


Jessica said...

Awesome!!!!!! Get to Obama and Hill events as early as possible for decent seats. And if you want to shake their hands, get up to the rope line as fast as possible and be a little aggressive with getting in there. Or, you can try holding back a bit and waiting for people to leave and then getting up there.

Hill is super gracious about taking pics with people, Obama isn't as much. At least bring something for them to autograph, or get a rally sign for them to sign.

I'm not sure how much time they'll devote to the rope line, so hopefully you can get up there with Julie.

Bring a vomit bag for Robomitt's event, he is truly horrid. He will say anything to get elected.

Julie Fanselow said...

Thanks for the practical tips! It was cool to shake Edwards' hand last night. I'm not so interested in photos or autographs.

We learned last night that HRC and Obama are now speaking just 90 minutes apart,so we are probably splitting up for those - Tara to Clinton (whom I heard in person at Yearly Kos) and me to Obama.

It'll be interesting to see what sort of crowds they DO get. This is a county of less than 50K people who - unlike the regular early primary states - are not at ALL tuned into the campaign. Obama is in a gym that seats 2500.