Saturday, January 26, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

I am a bit slow with this posting today, but as promised here it is:

Interesting news out of Hollywood today about a fine levied against ABC for a nude scene from clear back in 2003. I mention this only because it wasn't long ago that I discovered NYPD Blue and commented here about the controversy. $1.4 million. Quite a bit for one misdirected shower scene.

I can't help but pay attention to the Writer's Strike. I hear that they are nowhere near a resolution, but there are still shows on that haven't been impacted by the strike or they at least had a cache of episodes still to be aired. There is an interesting advertisement for a show called Eli Stone (not sure which network it is on) that caught my attention only because the main character has hallucinations. Hallucinations about what? George Michael. I kid you not. Man, Hollywood is getting desperate. CBS picked up Dexter which I hear was canceled by Showtime after the debut season. Dexter will lose the edge Showtime allowed it being on cable and I think the show is doomed. I love the guy who plays Dexter and I might watch it, but I am not going to be heartbroken if when the writers come back it makes an exit. NBC picked up a show called Lipstick Jungle from the writer of Sex and the City. I haven't actually seen the show, just the previews with the lady from Third Watch. Not something I'm too interested in. There are a few shows that have come back on while the writers are on strike--Law & Order (the original), Lost, 60 Minutes, Monk & Psych because of a different airing schedule, and a few others. The Amazing Race and Californication ended their seasons. I'm not sure what happened to the newbies Private Practice and Big Shots (which has been on a few times lately). USA has picked up a new show--the title of which has switched back and forth from Mary Sunshine and In Plain Sight--with Mary McCormack that could be worth watching. No idea when that will start.

That was a long update on the Writers Strike that may not matter to anyone but me...

What I do find ironic is that while the writers are battling over compensation for their work going online and all over the place via DVDs, the lack of new programming has left many of us (who are either television junkies or, like me, can't sleep without the tv on) resorting to television on DVD or full episodes via the network websites.

As much as I don't want to link to something so ludicrous, I have to direct you all to this rant of Mr. Orson Scott Card. I read Uncle Orson Reviews Everything quite regularly because he does review some important items--toilet paper, board games, books--and usually I find something that is helpful, but when he dives into politics I get a good kick out of him. This time he is ranting about "the fanatical puritans that belong to the Religion of Environmentalism." I am dead serious. Check it out! Who knew light bulbs could be so controversial. Poor Thomas Edison!

News via my inbox this evening following Obama's stunning win in South Carolina--Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, daughter of President Kennedy and niece of Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) and the late Bobby Kennedy, has endorsed Barack Obama. Interesting news. And I doubt she came about this endorsement lightly. I find it odd that whenever Caroline is mentioned they never use her married name. I suppose it is in respect to the Kennedy legacy or in some way an attempt to awe people. I guess if I had a name like Caroline Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg I'd probably just stick to Caroline too... What do I know, my name is about as simple as they come. Eight letters and most people use it without a space between the first four and the second four.

In the January 28th issue of Newsweek is a nice tribute to the late chess giant Bobby Fischer. Also, an interesting headline in the campaign '08 section--"A Troll Through the Muck." Can you guess who is pictured below? John McCain. Actually Senator McCain and an angry bunch of fellows behind him with "stop illegal immigration now" signs and confederate flags. The whole McCain phenomenon is something I can't seem to wrap my head around. At least I am in good company...I suspect most of the Republican party cannot wrap their heads around it either.

Last night I had a dream I was voting for Rudy Giuliani and was making a speech as to why. You know you've paid too much attention to the campaigns when you have a dream like that!


Jessica said...

Dexter is a brilliant tv show, but incredibly bloody and violent at times, so I am not sure you would like it. Maybe you should try to catch the CBS edited ones as it will cut out some of the blood. And I love Michael Hall as well, though it's weird seeing him as a straight man (though possibly asexual) since I'm slightly obsessed with Six Feet Under and to me, he is a gay man married to his partner, Keith!

I own the first season and was able to watch most of the 2nd season, for free, online...until the website I was using was shut down. :( Maybe catch a few episodes-I was hooked by the end of the first one, and see if you can get over the blood. It isn't horror movie amounts, but he is a serial killer! More just blood than violence.

As far as I know, a third season has been ordered. I believe CBS did pick it up to start running old episodes, as Showtime will continue showing new episodes??? Not sure on this, just from what I vaguely remember when I was reading about this back in November.

Obama's win in SC is only shocking in that it was by such a large margin. The race card was used to galvanize the African Americans in SC and that was all he needed. He got it. I thought it was highly unlikely Hill or JRE would get it, especially when Hill was painted as a racist and JRE has been treated like the red-headed step-child, though receiving much better coverage lately.

Super Tuesday will be insane and every day until then will be as well.

Julie Fanselow said...

Re: Caroline Kennedy ... sounds like her uncle will be endorsing Obama as well.

And Tara, I eagerly await YOUR endorsement. No matter whom you choose, I am sure it will be great reading.

Mica said...

Dexter is NOT leaving Showtime. Season 2 aired last fall and a third season has been ordered.

CBS has acquired the first season of Dexter - it will be a free-tv version (slightly edited from original for network tv standards). CBS is the parent company of Showtime - it's not an entirely unprecedented move.
Here's the official press announcement:

Mr. Holznagel said...

Regarding Caroline Kennedy's name: I've just posted it about it on the Who2 blog. Kennedy Without the Schlossberg.

In brief, it looks to us as if she never changed her name to Schlossberg after her marriage, although she hasn't complained about being called "Schlossberg" either.

You're totally right about "Caroline Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg" in any case -- a mouthful.