Friday, January 4, 2008

So Long, Joe

The one thing I hate about the Iowa caucuses and the New Hamphire primaries is that candidates I really like jump out quickly when a poor showing seems to say to them that they don't have a snowball's chance in hell to gain their party's nomination.

Case in point--Joe Biden. Yes, both Senators Chris Dodd and Joe Biden have pulled out of the presidential race, but it is Biden's departure that bothers me the most.

Why do the good guys finish last? Biden was my choice, though I didn't throw my support publicly to anyone since it didn't matter much given it wasn't Obama, Clinton, or Edwards. This is only my second presidential election in which I've been old enough to vote. Same thing happened to me in 2004. I loved (still love) Dick Gephardt. My heart was in the race when he was in it. Then it came down to Edwards and Kerry and I got behind Kerry once the party did. The party lost me somewhere along the road when they let Gephardt out of the political sphere. No grand job offers like Howard Dean. No return to Congress. Nothing. I'm hoping the 2008 election won't be a repeat of my 2004 disappointments.

Whoever gets the Democratic nomination sure as hell better pick up Senator Biden as an advisor. Secretary of State? Yes, that too. Biden had the experience, the foreign policy experience. Something none of the candidates have is foreign policy experience and don't believe Hillary when she tells you that she does.

I won't say I wasn't shocked to see Obama and Huckabee take Iowa. I won't say I wasn't pleased to hear Obama talk about this country the way Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. once did. I won't say I wasn't thrilled to see Huckabee kick Romney's ass after the negativity Romney threw into Iowa.

I will say today my hopes for the 2008 election look rather bleak. 2012, Joe? Please?


Nick Speth said...

I know that I'm not the only one that said this, but Obama gave an astounding speech right afterward. I'd like to see him be the nominee.

The question I have is where does a not-convincing second put Edwards? I happen to really like him right now.

Tara A. Rowe said...

I agree with you on the speech. Reminded me of 1968--a fine mesh of the widsom and sincerity of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

I'm not sure where this puts Edwards, but it certainly puts Clinton in a tough spot. She's going to have to fight like hell in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada if she wants to survive the Obama wave.

After watching the NH debate I thought Bill Richardson would be a good choice for VP. I still stand by Biden for Sec. of State...