Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FISA 68-29

Unbelievable. Sixty-eight men and women who swore to uphold the United States Constitution waved that promise goodbye today as 68 senators voted for the FISA bill, therefore legalizing the serious breech of both the privacy rights of the American public and the sacred rule of law.

To quote Senator Russ Feingold, "the Senate has buckled [and] we are left with a very dangerous piece of legislation."

Eighteen Democrats crossed the line and voted with President Bush today. Eighteen Democrats who should not be admired, but rather reprimanded.

May there be strong and wealthy candidates lined up for the seats of Jay Rockefeller, Barbara Mikulski, and the other Democrats who did their country and their fellow citizens a disservice today by voting for the disgrace that is the FISA bill. Now on to the House and let's pray there is a Chris Dodd wannabe over there who will strike down this bill as should have been done today. 68-29, unbelievable.

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Diane Knaus said...

What is the FISA bill? You did not tell us why we shoud be outraged.
Diane Knaus