Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Foster Leaving the IDP

For some unknown reason, it is no longer common in a chess game to tip your king over when you are undoubtedly going to lose the match. You simply shake your opponents hand and resign. I suppose this is the less dramatic way of leaving a match.

Monday morning the news spread quickly that John Foster, executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party, had resigned. Like any decent chess player, Foster made no dramatic exit. His time at the Idaho Democratic Party was short, not without chaos and certainly not without success.

When John Foster came to the Idaho Democratic Party, he brought fresh ideas, fresh blood and a solid understanding of the role of the internet in state and national politics. Speaking for myself, I was shocked to see Foster welcoming the discussions taking place on the progressive blogs and embracing bloggers. The previous executive director of the party certainly hadn't acknowledged my presence. With Foster at the helm, the blogosphere really came together on certain issues. Collectively, we attacked Bill Sali's insanity last summer when his xenophobia became known nationally and we shouted our frustration with Larry Craig dragging our state through the mud. Without question the comradery in the Idaho progressive blogosphere was highly influenced by the leadership of John Foster.

It will not be soon forgot the great excitement that came when the Idaho bloggers were privileged to take part in a conference call with John and the keynote speaker for this year's Frank Church Banquet, Markos Moulitsas of dailyKos fame. Without John this would not have been possible.

Foster has chosen a high note on which to depart his position at the IDP--a record turnout in Super Tuesday's Idaho Democratic caucuses throughout the state brough 22,000 Idaho Democrats out to caucuses in all forty-four counties.

This past Friday at a reception honoring Richard Stallings, former chairman of the IDP, I couldn't help but notice while new chairman Keith Roark introduced Stallings that Foster looked on in admiration. As a party we have been truly privileged to have both men at the helm of our great party.

John has stated his reason for resignation is due to the toll the position has taken on his family. He and his wife, Andrea, have a four-year old daughter.

It has been a pleasure to be associated with John and I greatly appreciate the hand he has extended to me both as a blogger and as a young Democrat in this red state.


foster208 said...

Tara, you are too kind. Thanks very much. Know that while I am leaving this position, I am not leaving the party. I intend to stick around and help in some way over the coming months and years.

One last thing. I am fortunate to have a four-year-old son and a 20-month-old daughter.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Hehe. Man, I got the kid part wrong, entirely. Sorry about that John! Much luck to you in the future and you're right, you better stick around, you are part of the IDP family now!

Julie Fanselow said...

John, thanks for all you've done to strengthen the party during your tenure. Like Tara, I truly appreciate the seriousness with which you treated the Idaho blogosphere.