Saturday, February 23, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

As I sat down to write this, I was confronted with some horrible news via F-Words, a fellow Idaho blogger, has just discovered she has a brain tumor. My thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes are with Sara and her family.

How do you get into the spirit of a traditional smorgasbord after that?

I stumbled across a website yesterday where a person can donate shoes. Yes, shoes. Soles 4 Souls is the organization--if you have extra shoes (or cash) lying around, take a look.

In baseball news, my Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball team should be coming together here soon. I chose not to do the live draft this year--simply because the only time I have for this is at an insane hour of the night or early on a Sunday morning when I would rather be sleeping in. In absence of a live draft, managers are allowed to enter pre-draft rankings for as many players as they wish. Players that you don't like can be removed from the draft list, players you like can be entered with a rank. Pretty simple stuff. After I entered my top five, I realized that fantasy baseball for me isn't about winning--it is about having an incentive to watch the players I like. Otherwise I would be watching only Braves baseball. Okay, who am I kidding? I would be watching all the televised games I could, but with no investment.

Here's a breakdown of my pre-draft rankings for the first ten slots:

1. Ivan Rodriguez (C-Detroit)
2. Tom Glavine (SP-Atlanta)
3. Brian McCann (C-Atlanta)
4. David Wright (3B-NYMets)
5. Matt Holliday (OF-Colorado)
6. Vladimir Guerrero (OF-LAAngels)
7. Ichiro Suzuki (OF-Seattle)
8. Andruw Jones (OF-LADodgers)
9. Carlos Beltran (OF-NYMets)
10. Jake Peavy (SP-San Diego)

And yes I have reasoning. Last year I was totally screwed as far as outfielders. My original roster included seven outfielders, by the allstar break, I had three left, one of whom was Andruw Jones who had a horrible season (the worst of his career) and the other was Mike Cameron who was by no means what he should be to any lineup. As for the catchers, I have a hunch that the Tigers are going to be hot this year, so having Pudge on board might help me (the fact that he is interchangeable in the C and 1B slots is a bonus). Brian McCann is just awesome, period.

Again, about the schedule here at TPG: Before I depart for Boise on Thursday, you should see posts on FISA, the Minidoka/Hunt internment site, the Oscars, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Merry Saturday!

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