Thursday, March 13, 2008


There is nothing more heart wrenching than watching someone you love battle an addiction.

There is guilt--the constant wondering if there was something you could do to help them down a different path. There is anger--anger when you least expect it directed at anyone who fails to grasp the seriousness and pain of addiction. Oh, the anger. There is the anger at the addict, an anger matched only by the disappointment. There is denial. Denial occurs on so many levels. The addict denies the addiction. The children of addicts deny the reality of the problem. The mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers deny the severity.

How can a person you love so much be so deeply entrenched in an addiction that is tearing everyone apart? Can't they see the damage?

There is nothing that stabs as deep as realizing the one you love has taken pills from your medicine chest, stolen your money to buy their next high, and lied to your face when asked if they're using. It is the addiction speaking, acting, being.

Addiction is loss of control in its most intense form. Addiction is a prison in itself. Addiction is having your heart ripped out time and time again. Watching the relapse being worse and more terrifying than watching the detox.

If there is one group of people that needs our understanding, support, and compassion it is those members of our society who have been sucked into an addiction that requires aggressive intervention, perhaps divine, so that they, their families, and their children can heal.

Addiction isn't about one person who made a choice to abuse drugs. Addiction is about the road the families of addicts travel all the while praying their loved ones will survive the journey back from the razor's edge.


Kristie said...


I am a history major and political science minor as well. I just found your site today researching the Little Rock 9. Quick Question for you...since your intrest in politics...are you considering law once you graduate?

I am a fan.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Hi Kristie,
Thanks for stopping by. Oh, the Little Rock 9, what a worthy research project! No, I have no intention of going to law school. When I finish my MA next May I'm headed off to a PhD program. The law, or I should say practicing law, doesn't appeal to me.