Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baseball Milestones

My fantasy baseball team is stacked with my favorite players. Either I have mad draft skills or my team this year is seriously going to suck. I got every last person I asked for.

There will be plenty of milestones in store this season. Maybe even more than last year with Bonds and Biggio.

The 2008 season may very well see Ken Griffey Jr. get 600 home runs. If I am remembering correctly, he's seven away. That's a reason to watch the Reds. One of very few. We may also see Manny Ramirez of the Red Sox hit the 500 home run mark. This, like Griffey's milestone, is going to happen.

Something I am less happy to be around to see is Gary Sheffield (now of the Detroit Tigers) make it to the 500 home runs mark. Can't stand that man.

Everybody can be happy to watch Albert Pujols hit 300 with the Cardinals. As far as I can tell he is just a good guy and somebody most of baseball likes.

I'd rather not mention any current Yankee, but Derek Jeter is 144 hits away from 2,500. He very well could make 3,000 in his career. Of course, injuries could play into the short stops' stats.

In the world of pitching, John Smoltz can and will reach 3,000 strike outs. His former colleague Greg Maddux will hit 350 wins. I have no idea what the status of Randy Johson is, but he could make 300 wins, he's not far off, but his age will be the determining factor here. The recent phenom Johan Santana will make 100 wins with his new team the Mets. I'm happy to watch the Mets anytime. And somewhat amazingly, Jason Isringhausen of the Cardinals will have 300 saves by the end of the season.

Of all of these, I'll be watching Maddux and Smoltz the closest, but it will be a great day in baseball when Griffey hits his milestone. The Kid still has it and has been enjoyable to watch every single game of his career.

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