Friday, March 21, 2008

Filing Deadline

With the 5 pm deadline now passed in Idaho, we seem to have a pretty good idea of who is running come November.

The Secretary of State's website has the complete list.

A few jokes: Dave Archuleta jumping into the Senate race against Larry LaRocco who has been running this race for centuries now; Clayton "God will strike you dead" Cramer in District 22; Ralph Lillig against Diane Bilyeu in District 29 (seriously Lillig, you didn't have a chance in the Pocatello City Council race--Bilyeu is out of your league); and, Christ Troupis.

A few surprises: I'm very happy to see Sharon Fisher throwing her hat into the ring; Interesting entries in both District 29 and 30 (i.e. James Dorman (?), Kirk Kirkham, and Kent Hansen) and I'm wondering if there is a Ruchti/Kirkham family feud because wasn't it Rich Kirkham last time?; One David Sneddon against Simpson (with a primary lined up with Debbie Holmes); and, Calvin Leman, 'nuf said.

And holy hell is there a pack running for Larry Craig's open seat. In addition to LaRocco and Archuleta, there's a libertarian, two independents (Rex Rammell and Pro Life, yes that is his legal name), and count them, eight Republicans. Sounds like the Republicans aren't too thrilled with the idea of Jim Risch getting the Republican nod for this one.

My favorites? Well, first of all, a huge thanks goes to Neil Williams. I don't know who this fellow is, but it's about time we stop letting the now majority leader get so damn comfy in the statehouse (er...annex). Second prize goes to Scott McClure who has the guts to run against Dean Cameron. Those good ole boys in Magic Valley are even more comfortable than Bart Davis and they need to squirm a little. Next time around there better be some candidates to give Denton Darrington and Scott Bedke a run for their money. That'll secure the favorite award next time!

In Idaho I have a hard time looking at uncontested races like those of Fred Wood and Dennis Wood with much disappointment. Both are very good guys. And it helps that Dr. Wood was kind enough to stitch up my finger when I tried to slice it off when I was making a cheese sandwich in the second grade. Sure, they are Republicans, sure they aren't voting the way I would like them too, but they try to work with Democrats and they are decent, trustworthy legislators.

And the best news that came with the filing deadline? Allen R. Andersen, the current chairman of the Bannock County Democrats, has jumped into a race he is very familiar with--the one against Ken Andrus. There are few men, much less politicians that I respect more than Allen Andersen. This is his third race against Andrus (Andrus unseated him in 2004, Andersen lost barely in 2006 in an attempt to get his seat back) and I have to say if there is a single person in this state 100% prepared for the race it is Allen Andersen. He does his homework and will campaign harder than any other candidate in the field. His only weakness in the eyes of voters is that the D stands behind his name instead of an R. I've never met a person who doesn't like Allen Andersen.

Now that we know who is in the race, ready, set, go!


Dave Archuleta said...

Running for the United States Senate is no joke, nor did I enter the race without thinking long and hard.

We have real issues effecting real people.

The economic crisis is real, just ask the elder in BLackrock who lives on $790.00 a month who has to pay $700.00 to fill her propane.

As the elder who recives $900.00 a month who has to struggle to keep her home, ask the mother of the children who has real guns pulled on them when they were playing with replica rifles in their own yard.

Ask the 17,000 people who showed up to see Obama in Boise, then showed up to give Obama 83% of the delegates.

People are tired of the standard issue democrats, who along with the republican, have borught our countary to where it's at today.

I worked as a newsreporter for fifteen years, in radio, and newspaper. I rose to the top of my radio profession when I hosted National Native News on National Public Radio, and won press awards.

I also served as Chief Tribal Prosecutor, Associate Tribal Judge, and currently I am in private practice as a tribal court advocate. Every day in my practice I see the effects of the economy. I see homes and cars being repossed.

I am a U.S. Navy Veteran who served on the last U.S. warship out of Vietnam, and I know war is real. People do die and get maimed for life.

It's no joke to run for the U.S.Senate!

I also acknowlege young David Archuleta's accomplishments! He is a great example of what is right with our young people. He has a goal and is working hard to accomplish it.

Thanks for mentioning my candidiacy Tara. If you have questions you can reach me at

respectfully submitted,

David J. Archuleta
for U.S. Senate

Jessica said...

It was Rich last time. The Kirkham's have money and any of them are tough opponents for the Dems in District 29. Ruchti had to work his ass off in 06 to barely squeeze out a win, but I know he can do it again and since he is an incumbent, he definitely has a big advantage.

I am glad Allen decided to run again. Frankly, I think he might be my favorite person running and he certainly deserves to win. When I canvassed for him in 2006, people in his own Mormon church ward loved him, but said they were voting for that half-dead Andrus over Allen, just because Andrus was a Republican. And when they mentioned that Allen was a Democrat, they would always say he wasn't a real Democrat. Allen got a real kick out of that when I told him.

It was less than 500 votes last time and I truly hope we can get Allen a win this year. He deserves it and the people of District 29 deserve someone who truly represents them, not Andrus who only represents special interests.

I hope I can do something to help some of the Dems from D.C. Can you shoot me Allen's email? jessicazi at aol dot com.


slfisher said...

thanks for the shout-out! hard to believe it was less than a week ago.