Friday, March 28, 2008

A Message from David Archuleta

*Editor's Note: The following was left in the "Filing Deadline" comments by Mr. Archuleta. I, of course, am supporting former Congressman LaRocco, but wanted to share Archuleta's message.

Running for the United States Senate is no joke, nor did I enter the race without thinking long and hard.

We have real issues effecting real people.

The economic crisis is real, just ask the elder in BLackrock who lives on $790.00 a month who has to pay $700.00 to fill her propane.

As the elder who recives $900.00 a month who has to struggle to keep her home, ask the mother of the children who has real guns pulled on them when they were playing with replica rifles in their own yard.

Ask the 17,000 people who showed up to see Obama in Boise, then showed up to give Obama 83% of the delegates.

People are tired of the standard issue democrats, who along with the republican, have brought our country to where it's at today.

I worked as a newsreporter for fifteen years, in radio, and newspaper. I rose to the top of my radio profession when I hosted National Native News on National Public Radio, and won press awards.

I also served as Chief Tribal Prosecutor, Associate Tribal Judge, and currently I am in private practice as a tribal court advocate. Every day in my practice I see the effects of the economy. I see homes and cars being repossed.

I am a U.S. Navy Veteran who served on the last U.S. warship out of Vietnam, and I know war is real. People do die and get maimed for life.

It's no joke to run for the U.S. Senate!

I also acknowledge young David Archuleta's accomplishments! He is a great example of what is right with our young people. He has a goal and is working hard to accomplish it.

Thanks for mentioning my candidacy Tara. If you have questions you can reach me at

Respectfully submitted,

David J. Archuleta
for U.S. Senate

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