Friday, March 21, 2008

No Love for Lofton

With opening day approaching, it seems one of the better veteran players in baseball is without a spot on any roster.

Last year, you may remember, the big trade of Lofton to the Indians clinched their position in post-season play. Lofton is every post-season team's dream--quick on his feet (still), great under pressure, and the kind of leader every clubhouse needs.

And now, with opening day only three days away his best offers are a minor league spot for the Reds or a mediocre contract with the Rays. Pretty sad for a guy who is a staple in baseball and received one of the most watched sponsorships in baseball last season.

Kenny Lofton would be a great addition to any team hoping to add strength and speed to their lineup. His on base percentage is competitive and he remains an excellent lead off choice.

Will Lofton have a spot? It really is coming down to the wire.

There may be a place for him in Los Angeles, but they don't need to be another outfielder heavy. He would be spending quality time on the bench. I would really like for Bobby Cox to pick him up. He would be a great veteran to add to the mix of Glavine, Smoltz, and Jones (Chipper that is) who are really firing up the younger crew they've acquired in their last several seasons. The Braves have their own roster problems as well--last I checked they still hadn't found a spot for the veteran Julio Franco who wants nothing more than to play until he is 50 (which could potentially happen if he's on a roster until August 23rd).

It is beginning to look like there isn't much love for the veterans of the game these days.

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Alessandro Machi said...

Sad but true,

A 26th spot should be reserved for players over 35 years of age, a 27th spot for players who our out of options.