Saturday, March 22, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

Technically I'm on Spring Break. Excited? Sure. Excited in the way a person looks forward to torture. Okay, maybe torture is too extreme, it's just homework. A few Spring Break's worth of homework. So it goes.

I would like to point out that baseball season is around the corner. There is a great schedule of important dates at It has Opening Day, Opening Night (something I am looking forward to this year especially because two of my favorite National League teams are playing and at the new Nationals stadium to boot!), Civil Rights Day, and Jackie Robinson Day. Yes, Civil Rights Day and Jackie Robinson Day are separate days despite their equal treatment in baseball.

What does Opening Day mean? Well, other than I get to watch a whole lot of baseball, it means I will be cross-posting from time to time at ArmChairGM.

Looks like one of my favorite catchers is being forced into retirement. Javy Lopez, the veteran catcher who spent quality time with the Braves and returned there for spring training after a stint with the Orioles doesn't have a place on Atlanta's roster. Not surprising given the young talent in that slot for Atlanta, but it would have been awesome to see Glavine and Lopez finish off their careers together back home in Atlanta.

Unrelated to baseball, I spotted an interesting article in the Washington Post about an entire third of organ transplant patients, those actually listed on the donor registry, are ineligible to receive a transplant. You know why? They are either too sick or not sick enough. It's ridiculous. It is absolutely insane the way the organ donor system works. A third of the patients on the donor list--do you know how many people that is? At the current time their are nearly 100,000 people on the list waiting to receive organ transplants. An entire third of 100,000. Even I can do that math. They call the third "inactive." I don't get it. I don't understand how people who are realistically and unfortunately terminally ill can be too sick to receive a transplant. Unreal.

New music coming our way this Tuesday. The CD I am looking forward to the most is the new Counting Crows album. Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings promises to be everything and more than Recovering Satellites was. That's saying something. Other new tunes coming Tuesday include Justin Townes Earle's Good Life, Panic! At the Disco's Pretty. Odd, and a live Lindsay Buckingham album.

Other newsworthy music--do you all know who Gran Bel Fisher is? Go figure it out, you'll thank me later.

I've been watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on DVD lately and I forgot about the last episode, unbelievably brave. Wonderful show. They do in fact call President Bush Skippy McDumbass. And this was before the tap dance...

Randy Stapilus pointed out an article in The Hill noting Senator Craig's promise to retire. Yes, we're glad we didn't see Senator Wide-stance didn't take that back, too, like he did that promise back in August to resign. I'm kind of wondering if we have the wrong guy pegged with the title "Skippy McDumbass."

Still nothing new in the world of television. I think there may be a new episode of CSI: Miami this week, but otherwise if you're not a fan of college basketball you better enjoy drama in syndication.

Oh, oh, I almost forgot about the greatest discovery of this week. There is a great website called Idaho Meanderings: Steunenberg, Trial of the Century, Labor, Legal, Political History. Yes, long name, but I assure you it is amazing and worth the suffering through the name. The creator is the great grandson of former Idaho Governor Steunenberg and the site is absolutely amazing. For all of you interesting in Idaho history and even if you're not, go visit this site. You'll not only learn something, you'll enjoy learning something. You will find a link to Idaho Meanderings in Friends, Finds, and Favorites on the sidebar until I move it to the Here We Have Idaho section.


James said...

Tara - Regarding organ Transplant

I was one of those who was moved from active to inactive.

In 1993 I had a severe heart attack and needed a new organ to survive. I went through a month or so of testing and was put on the list as a pretty high priority.

Due to some new drugs and exercise I turned around and started to process better. I was moved down the list and eventually off of the chart. I was kept on the list as low priority for a year or so that, in the event of a relapse, I would not need to start all over.

This worked.

Seven years later, the heart gave out and I was back on the list again but this time I was Hospital confined and started high up on the list.
Jim - Dallas, TX

Anonymous said...

I was switched between active and inactive several times - because of illness or other reasons. I had to lose 100lbs before my surgery so I was inactive for about 9 months. As soon as the weight was gone I became active and received my liver4-months later. 5-months after the transplant I'm doing very well and feel blessed. UNOS works.
Rex - Houston