Monday, March 17, 2008

Which Is More Disgusting?

If you follow the comment thread following this disgusting story in the Idaho Statesman, you will quickly see why I am asking.

I want to know which of these idiots is the most disgusting. The commentators go from a light-hearted discussion of this being an after-the-fact abortion, to shooting this guy in the head, to a commentary on Viagra.

Guys like Ortiz make me physically sick, stories like these make me thank God I survived childhood.

And the rest of these thirty-plus knuckleheads who commented and didn't seem to grasp the seriousness of this story need to take a hard look at the statistics on infant homicide--8% of every 100,000 infants born in the United States are killed, in most cases by their parents. Once they can stomach those numbers they need to take a look at the statistics on Shaken Baby Syndrome. Disgusting doesn't do it justice.

Somewhere there must be a study of how many instances of infant homicide, Shaken Baby Syndrome, child abuse, and neglect occur in non-traditional families (i.e. adoptive families and foster families).

Surely one of the jackasses who called this situation of Ortiz killing his own child an after-the-fact abortion believes that abortion is absolutely wrong and that it is murder. Surely one of the jackasses who commented doesn't get the fact that some people make shitty parents. Surely one of the jackasses who used those horrific words thinks that all children should be brought into this world no matter what. Maybe not. Maybe the six-week old son of Mr. Ortiz who was killed, I refuse to print the exact words of Mr. Ortiz about the "incident" as the Statesman did, didn't need to be brought into that situation.

As long as there are stories like this, I will continue to believe that in the matter of abortion there are no absolutes.


Jared said...

The comments on the Idaho Statesman have always been by the same group of morons that have nothing to say of any value. But I guess the comments reflect the quality of the paper, because it has to be the worst paper covering a state that I have ever read.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Thanks, Jared. I kind of lost it on this one. And you, more than most, know how difficult this entire issue is for me. I'll keep in mind who these comments are coming from at the Statesman and try not to let them get under my skin.

Jared said...

You know, you and I may not always agree, but I think I can say that you hit the nail on the head with your statement that there are no absolutes regarding abortion. I'm just tired of it being a bell-weather political issue for everyone when any dramatic changes will eminate from the courts.

You you will likey disagree with this but my standard he's demonstrated by this subhuman action that he doesn't deserve to live and I am saddened to know that he can't be sentenced to death. I'd rather spend thousands of tax dollars in legal fees to end a life he doesn't deserve to lived than wasting it on three square meals and a roof over his wothless butt.