Tuesday, April 15, 2008

20 Questions

A reader sent me a very interesting email tonight in response to my rant about the Idaho State Journal online. It's not very often that I get an email from a reader that is as fed up as I am on any particular issue, but this guy apparently has been holding his tongue for awhile now in regard to the ISJ:
First of all if it doesn't have to do with AMI, roads, or development, the Journal won't run the story. Secondly, the Journal plays favorites with the locals. Ever seen a 20 questions featuring somebody who hasn't run for office or given a sermon at a pulpit? Cripes, the print edition isn't worth paying for, why would anybody fork over the dough for a crummy online edition that doesn't even tell me who has been arrested? I mean really why aren't they asking people like us to answer their 20 questions?
I found this funny as hell. Of course, I have mentioned the 20 Questions segment here on a couple of occasions (both when Denton Darrington appeared in it and when my friend, Marjanna Hulet did) and my brother is the king of 20 questions so I watch that pretty closely. I'd never thought about the fact that politicians and pastors are featured frequently. So, to lighten the mood around here with all this negativity flowing toward the Journal, I thought I'd answer a set of 20 Questions sent to me by this reader and then encourage you all to do the same. Maybe that'll make all of us a little more happy...

Here goes (and the questions are pulled directly from sets previously appearing in the Journal):

1. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Happiness is a decision.
2. What was the last great book you read? All Over Creation by Ruth Ozeki
3. Who inspires you the most? My grandmother.
4. Any regrets? Of course. The biggest probably being that I haven't stayed in touch with some of the people that got me to where I am today.
5. What is your guilty pleasure? Award shows. Who needs stimulants when I can watch people wear ridiculously expensive (and beautiful) attire and award each other for being masters of the universe?
6. What is your greatest fear? Being in a position where I can't save someone I love.
7. If you could have dinner with one famous person, alive or dead, who would it be? Adlai Stevenson (yes, I said someone other than a Kennedy)
8. What is your biggest pet peeve? When people use the word 'retarded' or 'retard' to belittle someone else without grasping the real meaning of the word and how hurtful it can be.
9. When was the last time you cried? Saturday night while I was talking to my good friend Teresa via MSN
10. What is your favorite movie? Gone With the Wind
11. What has been the best day of your life? August 21, 1992--the day I met my little brother.
12. Who are your top three dream dinner partners? Bob Sims (an Idaho historian I deeply admire); Bethine Church; or, my brother any day of the week.
13. If you could return to any age, what would it be and why? I don't think I've found the perfect age yet. Maybe it'll be twenty-three...it sure hasn't been twenty-two.
14. Where would you most like to live? Somewhere not too hot in the summer and with less snow than Idaho in the winter; Ideally, next door to my kid brother.
15. What is your favorite food? Pad Thai
16. If you could choose a new career, what would it be? I don't exactly have a career as of now, but I can't imagine being in any other field than I am now. Idaho history and archival history is perfect for me.
17. Who is your mentor? Oh, I have lots. A former congressman, my academic advisor at ISU, my former English teacher, a retired librarian who has become one of my dearest friends, and others.
18. What was the worst day of your life? The day my great-grandmother died. Throughout my childhood she was my rock.
19. What can't you do that you wish you could? The obvious answer would be that that I can't sleep through the night. The less obvious answer is that I can't sew. Nothing at all. Can't even sew on a damn button.
20. What's your motto? I stole it from a baseball great, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

So there it is, 20 questions. That's more personal information than you'll get out of me in a lifetime of asking.

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