Friday, April 25, 2008

April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Yes, it is Child Abuse Prevention Month in this country. However, the polygamists in Texas and parents from nearly every other state don't seem to be paying any attention:
  • AL- Woman in Gadsden charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse
  • AZ- Only "suspected" of abuse after striking child with broom handle
  • CA- Three month old dies of ongoing abuse not to be blamed on mother
  • CO- Teen handcuffed and beaten
  • ID/WA- Band leader charged with sexual abuse of minor in northern Idaho
  • MI- Felony murder and first degree child abuse conviction
  • NC- Couple charged after facial bruising discovered on their two year old
  • NE- Boyfriend in jail for girlfriend's "hemorrhaging" son
  • OH- Father guilty of 25 counts of child abuse
  • PA- Reports of child abuse rising at an alarming rate in the keystone state
  • TX- Fifteen counts of child abuse
  • UT- Another police tip implicating FLDS polygamists
The media says that child abuse cases are down across the nation (cited as much as 36% lower than previously in Idaho). What the media doesn't cite is the budget cuts the organizations that investigate child abuse have taken and whether those budget cuts result in a decrease in the number of cases brought to public attention.

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