Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Giving It Another Chance

When the Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings album was released, I didn't immediately love it. I love the Counting Crows, but their recent release didn't seem to be nearly as impressive as their earlier stuff (and least not up to par with Recovering the Satellites and August and Everything After or even This Desert Life). However, I haven't given up on the release entirely. I've listened to it here and there, fueling my love for the single "You Can't Count On Me" and attempting to appreciate the entire release. "Sundays" is growing on me and I really didn't think I could love "You Can't Count On Me" more than I already do. Until now:

I haven't had much downtime recently and I just caught the video for this single. For Counting Crows fans, I think this is what we've been waiting to see--this is Adam Duritz. How he lives, who he is. The constant recycling of women anyway.

If you haven't given Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings a chance or not a fair enough chance (as I hadn't) take another listen. It's worth it. I promise. We can't hold it against these guys that it doesn't stand up to their other albums. When their first release was August and Everything After, how do you compete?

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