Friday, April 11, 2008

LaRocco at Magic Valley High School

MEDIA ADVISORY: Larry LaRocco Encourages Student Activism at Magic Valley High School

Friday, April 11, 2008

Boise, Idaho - Former Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Larry LaRocco will speak to American government students today at Magic Valley High School in Twin Falls about his previous experiences representing Idaho's values in Washington, DC and in his current U.S. Senate race. LaRocco is passionate about inspiring youth participation in government and politics everyday, supporting programs that motivate youth to become active and involved.

"We need youth who are energetic about affecting the policies that will ultimately shape their future," LaRocco said. "Real change can only happen through the exploration of new ideas. I am elated to listen to Magic Valley High students' visions for Idaho's future. I plan to fight for Idaho's youth when I am elected to the U.S. Senate in November."

"Idaho's youth are it's future. We need to ensure that the longevity of our investment in our children is very calculated. Ad hoc, band-aid style programs do not work and will not cut it any longer. We need to secure Idaho's future by investing in its education system," said LaRocco.

Yesterday, April 10, LaRocco attended a mock Democratic convention at Caldwell High School where 550 students eagerly engaged one another. "The energy Caldwell students brought to the room was unbelievable. It was a genuine joy to see enthusiastic students taking an active role and staking claim on their future," LaRocco said. "Promoting programs such as this are important to Idaho's future, and our nation's future."

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