Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Middle of the Week Mélange

I've been fighting the urge to just post song lyrics lately. I'm on a political hiatus. Okay, not really, no such thing for me, but I'm more interested in music this week. Today's song on repeat is from the Wallflowers' fifth release, Rebel, Sweetheart, and has a whopper of a name: "Here He Comes (Confessions of a Drunken Marionette)." A snippet:

What you give is what you get
I get so worried bout your debts
Who carries evil out evil will come
Who will defend you when I'm gone?
He says who will defend you when I'm gone?

In other music news, Gavin DeGraw has a new CD coming out on the 6th of May. Gavin's freshman release came in 2003 and I've been anxiously awaiting a full release from him for years. From what I've heard on iTunes, it is a worthy sophomore release and something to look forward to. It's about damn time!

Thing is, I can't buy another CD until May 6th. I've been on a CD buying one a week...for over a month and I have to save my bubble gum pennies until May 6th.

My newsletter from JFK Lancer Publications arrived in my inbox this morning. There is a great article by Dean O'Brokta about the space race, aptly titled, "The Race for Space." I haven't spotted it on their website yet, but if you have a second go take a look at this great resource. Everything promoted and/or published at JFK Lancer comes with oodles of citations and references, my favorite part of their setup.

I am anticipating JFK Lancer will have some sort of commemoration of the RFK assassination in June, no word yet on what that will be. And, this November is the 45th anniversary of the JFK assassination so the November in Dallas conference should be worth attending.

An interesting story out of Boise via the Idaho Statesman has had my attention for a few days. A disc jockey at KISS FM 103.3 has been staying awake--not just staying awake, staying on air for several days now to draw attention to child abuse in the valley. KeKe Luv, not his real name, is taking Child Abuse Awareness month seriously and is shooting for 175 hours awake and on air. As of last night he was still awake and still raising awareness not just in the Boise area, but across the globe as message poured in thanking him for what he is doing.

Update (6:32 p.m.): KeKe Luv made it 175 hours, as promised, and after a precautionary ride in the ambulance the the hospital, is alive to tell about it. Seven days of sleeplessness all for a good cause--read the latest here.

As I mentioned in my last post there are quite a few good concerts taking place in Pocatello this week. Beginning tonight with Raining Jane, you can catch nationally recognized and fairly popular bands right here on the campus of Idaho State University. Check out the previous post for dates and times.

This middle of the week post turns out to be easier for me to get to than my Saturday smorgasbords. Hopefully I will get back to the regular schedule since Wednesday's posts seem to be my way of cleaning out the inbox. Eventually I'll get back to Saturdays. Until then, happy reading!

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Wordsmith said...

The thing with posting music, it actually gives other (at least me :-) an opportunity to check out stuff I might not.

We're in the midst of filing for guardianship of my father so the music is a welcome respite.

Besides - WHO doesn't like music!