Sunday, April 20, 2008

Smorgasbord Corrections

Yesterday's post indicated that I did not know exactly what the Pope would be celebrating at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. The exact term is election--he was celebrating the 3rd anniversary of his election to head the Catholic Church. The fact that the Pope (der Papst, in this case) is elected seemed to fly right over my head. I know, I know, the white smoke represented the selection of a new Pope and black smoke signifies no papal selection. Got it.

The visit of Pope Benedict XVI has been, at least for me and I'm assuming other Americans not particularly versed in the goings-on of the Catholic faith, fascinating. I have watched closely as he as met with various dignitaries and faiths here in the States and I am impressed with his reverence. I suppose it would be beneath the Pope's sacred position to inform President Bush that he is a moron, but in watching him you can't help but wonder if the German in Pope Benedict would like to call President Bush an Idiotkriegpräsident. Roughly, an idiotic warmonger. Perhaps that is exactly what the Pope said when he addressed the issue of the war in Iraq while visiting both President Bush and the United Nations.

One other correction to make: Yesterday, I said that today the Atlanta Braves would be playing the L.A. Dodger in the second game of this series. If in fact the Braves are playing the Dodgers in Atlanta, it will be the third game of the series and is slated to begin at 1pm (EST) on TBS. Yahoo! Sports has Atlanta scheduled to play the Washington Nationals today. I am guessing that we will in fact see a Braves/Dodgers matchup, concluding the return of Andruw Jones to Atlanta, and that Yahoo! is a day behind.

The only thing I got relatively right yesterday in regard to the baseball schedule is that the Mets and Phillies will be concluding their three-game series in Philadelphia tonight on ESPN beginning at 8:05 pm (EST). I was only five minutes off with that one...

In addition to today's MLB broadcast schedule, the Rockies and the Astros will be playing at 2:05 pm (EST) on Fox Rocky Mountain Sports. Don't ask me why they've listed it in Eastern time when they are playing at Minute Maid Park in Houston. It is no wonder I'm confused about the schedule 99% of the time!

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