Saturday, April 12, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

What a Saturday! The weather is wonderful in Pocatello today. The neighbors are doing yard work, lots of kids out on their bicycles, and tee-ball. There were actually kids at the park playing tee-ball. That is a sure sign of spring. Unfortunately, I hear the beautiful weather isn't going to last.

It has been a relatively productive Saturday around here. I've been grocery shopping, I've done laundry, my kitchen floor is the cleanest in the county, went for a bike ride, I scrubbed my bathtub and the bathroom floor, been to the post office, and my parents came for a surprise visit. Like I said, what a Saturday! I am exhausted. What else is new?

A smorgasbord of news:

For those of you who are fans of the USA series Monk, Stanley Kamel (Dr. Kroger on the show) passed away this week. MSNBC has the scoop.

Jeff Francoeur may have just had the best game of his young career. Driving in seven, count them seven, Francoeur led the Braves to a win over the Nationals 10-2. Love the guy! Love him even more when he is on my fantasy roster. Wonder if it bothers the Nationals when they are referred to as Nats... It would sure bother me. Nats? Not Gnats? All the same if you ask me, both are a baseball disaster.

The Library of Congress has recreated the library of Thomas Jefferson, that is the books that survived the 1851 fire. Very interesting article and slide show available from the Washington Post.

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