Saturday, April 19, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

Earlier in the week, Debbie Holmes, candidate for Congress in Idaho's second district, posted an explanation of her profession and how it relates to politics. Holmes, a real estate agent in the Boise area, has seen first hand the home mortgage crisis that continues to rage in this country as we approach an economic recession. Holmes' wrote, quite bravely, that she would be approaching Congressman Mike Simpson on the behalf of a client who will lose his home in foreclosure if the government does not intervene. Something that I found quite interesting about her post and the process she has explained for those of us unaware of the specifics, is how similar the scenario is to the farm foreclosures and the farm debt crisis of the 1980s.

The similarities are quite obvious and I would encourage Ms. Holmes and other Democrats running for office across the state to take a closer look at the farm debt crisis and how the Democratic party of the 1980s was able to address it and create a better system of oversight in foreclosure cases.

It is a great weekend for fans of the National League East. Fox sports in my area will be airing the Dodgers/Braves matchup, the first since 10-time gold glove winner Andruw Jones left Atlanta for L.A., on Saturday. On Sunday, TBS will be airing the next game in the Dodgers/Braves series. I won't go into how irritating I find the new TBS baseball schedule, but you can be sure I'm not a fan of TBS no longer being the home of Braves baseball. Also on Sunday, ESPN will be airing the Phillies/Mets matchup at 8pm EST. Probably the Nationals and Marlins are playing somewhere, but the Braves, Mets, and Phillies are the teams to watch for this season in the National League East.

As much as I would like it to be a beautiful spring weekend, it wouldn't break my heart if the weather was nasty for a couple of days. It would make being cooped up in my house writing papers a little more bearable.

Chris at the Unequivocal Notion has been keeping tabs on the Nampa public library mess. His reporting of the controversy over whether or not the titles The Joy of Gay Sex and the New Joy of Sex should remain in the library director's office is the best and most up to date in the state. As IdaBlue has said, Chris is owning the story and I recommend you all head over to his site to get the latest.

Somebody told me recently that a person can live eleven days without sleep. If this is in fact true, I've decided that I should have eleven hours of music on iTunes. For those of you familiar with iTunes, it keeps track of how much space your library is taking up and how many hours of music you have (in my case in days). At the moment I have 3,783 songs, that if played consecutively would last for 10.4 days. Math isn't my strong suit, but that's something like 250 hours. A few more and I will have eleven whole days worth of music. This is my version of disaster preparedness!

I don't generally care what the Pope is up to, but today he will be celebrating the three year anniversary of him becoming Pope (surely there is a better way to say this, but it is lost on me) at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. There are few places in the world that I love more than St. Patrick's Cathedral, so today I'm going to care where the Pope is.

Big news in first quarter fundraising for Idaho Democrats. Walt Minnick, Democratic candidate for the 1st CD, has been added to the DCCC's Red to Blue list. And, Larry LaRocco is holding his own. Who says Democrats can't raise money?

Thanks for enduring the flood of music video posts of late. My posting schedule is going to slow down a bit for awhile until the semester ends on May 9th, but I will try to balance the music video posts out with actual political content.

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