Saturday, April 26, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

Is there anything better than the feeling of a Saturday morning? Nowhere important to be and I have an entire day before I have to get completely serious about my homework. Pre-dead week homework is the worst. It's the time you play catchup for the past fourteen weeks of slacking off.

Spending far more time on iTunes than I should, I noticed that the actress Scarlett Johansson has a CD coming out. What?!? Yes, the actress. I guess I didn't know she was a singer, too. Best discovery of the week for sure because her entire CD is Tom Waits covers. So far all I've been able to listen to is "Falling Down" which I didn't think I could love an ounce more than I already do, but her version is awesome. She has a rusty, deep quality to her voice that I like. From the reviews I have read, I must be the only one. Everybody says she can't sing, so there's your warning. What do I know? I listen to nearly everything.

While I was already browsing iTunes, I also noticed that in the celebrity playlist section they only have one baseball player. One baseball player in nearly five years of this feature. It's about time they kick it in gear over there. I mean with the new Nationals Park having iPod docking station in each of the players' lockers, might as well own up to the fact that baseball players need their tunes. And really, Barry Zito? That's the best ya'll could come up with? Yikes.

One of the nights this week while I wasn't sleeping (really any night this week), I was flipping through the channels and stopped on that Made in America show. I don't even know what network that is on. But I was pleasantly surprised to learning something new and was completely fascinated by the episode. Featured in this episode was the Old Louisiana State Capitol building. I mean the really, really old one, not the one where Huey Long was shot. Turns out the old state capitol has quite a history, too. The "Old Castle" was used as a prison and a garrison. Its fascinating history is matched by its fascinating architecture. If you aren't familiar with the Old Louisiana State Capitol, as I wasn't, check out the National Park Service website for the entire history as well as a few pictures. Looks like I'm going to need to visit Baton Rouge someday.

Monday when I signed into my ISU email account there were no messages in my inbox or anywhere else for that matter. Poof! They were gone. I've been in constant contact with ISU's help desk and they tell me they are pulling my email archive off the server for before this happened, but so far I have no results to show for that. The point in me saying this is because if anyone has sent an email to my ISU account in the last week and haven't heard back from me, I may be without your original email. Send it again.

Unfortunately, my email account is the least of my frustrations where ISU is concerned at the moment.

On this day in 1912, the first home run at Fenway Park was hit. Hugh Bradley of the Boston Red Sox broke in the park and the Red Sox would go on to win the pennant and then the World Series against the New York Giants. The Sox would repeat the 1912 series, ending with a World Series win, again in 1915, 1916, and 1918. Then the drought came. Given the history of the Red Sox at Fenway, maybe the Nationals should be happy that the first homer hit in their new park wasn't hit my a member of their team. Then again, the Pope's been there in the park's inaugural season. That's gotta help, right?

Just a reminder, tomorrow is the Community Environmental Fair in Pocatello at Tydeman Optimist Park on 8th Avenue and Sherman Street. The fair will run from 11am-3pm and should be fun for the entire family!

Oh! And I can't forget, the ISU women's softball team is playing in town this weekend (a rarity for a team that begins their season in February). If I am remembering correctly, it is a double-header at Rainy Park beginning around noon. Check out the ISU softball team's page for more information.

Last, but not least, is a story I spotted in the Washington Post about the New Mexico Republican Pete Domenici. Having never been the poster boy for ethical conduct, Domenici isn't really expected to turn up as the good guy in the news. This time he's in the news for issuing a non-apology. Is a non-apology like a non-resignation? Maybe he and Senator Craig have been conversing. Long story short, Domenici said he was sorry for a questionable phone call he placed (unethical for sure), but didn't admit to having overstepped his authority as a sitting United States Senator. Sound familiar?

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