Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Style 2008

Week one of the Major League Baseball season brings with it some adjustments for fans of the game. Adjusting to the sight of new uniforms that is.

The first adjustment worth noting, and one I am neither pleased or displeased with, is the blue version of their traditional monochromatic red uniforms. The biggest adjustment for true fans of the game won't be the color, but the corporate logo the Sox will be sporting on their arms.

Don't ask me why the computer generated guy sporting the new Red Sox colors is the spitting image of a clean cut Johnny Damon...

The front office in Toronto has either lost their minds or have a truly genuis plan to bring back former fans of the game--they're throwing back. The old school light blue uniforms don't do much for me, but there have certainly been less attractive uniforms over the years. The major problem I have with this throwback is that I keep expecting Dave Winfield to trot across the field!

Another throwback in 2008 is what the Phillies have decided to use an older style uniform as an alternate uniform. They really can't go wrong with this choice and unlike the light blue of the Blue Jays (and the Royals), the solid white is easy on the eye and not nearly as distracting for players on the field. And J-Ro and Cole Hamels don't look too bad.

Last season the Atlanta Braves picked up their sexy red alternate uniforms that they wore for afternoon home games at Turner Field. I was very happy with the solid red uniforms and am even happier this season as they have picked up a solid navy blue uniform as an alternate with a very simple navy blue cap with the white trademark A.

Over the weekend I came to the ultimate conclusion that there are neither women or gay men in the main offices teams deciding on new uniforms. What? Yes, somebody dropped the ball. I realize that the Padres are wanting to show their support for our troops. I understand that they are pushing the envelope, but camo? Geez. You've got to be kidding. Did the Padres forget that their colors have traditionally been blue and orange, trending toward blue and gold of late? Last year they used a darker green and only on a limited basis. This year? Lighter camo as an alternate (at least once a week). No wonder the great Trevor Hoffman is off to a slow start...

Equally scary is the choice made by the Kansas City Royals front office--they've thrown a Toronto-esque blue alternate uniform into the mix. Something about "royal" blue seems to have escaped them.

The Devil Rays are no longer known as such, just the Rays for those of you keeping score. Their uniforms are looking better with the shortened name. The A's picked up the black uniform they've experimented with in the past as an alternate this season. The Yankees remain the same, I think it is an ego thing. And the Indians have a rotation of four uniforms this season, one of which is probably in Cooperstown and is much better than the Blue Jays throwback. The more attractive newbies in the world of MLB uniforms follow.


Wordsmith said...

I love baseball. I do NOT keep tracks of statistics or any of that.

I almost wrote the day you were talking about Kenny Lofton.

One of the yearo I was in Cleveland, the baseball team there wore old-style uniforms. I'd have to ask a friend; she'll remember. The stockings and everything.

Also, I think that fucking Chief Wahoo is the most disgusting character to represent any team.

Wordsmith said...

Here ya go, Tara. Mary Beth lives in Chicago. Look what she wrote on today. She went to watch BASEBALL!

Regina thought Cleveland wrote the 'old' uniforms 2002, 2003 - somewhere in there. I liked them. I'm just NOT a fan of Chief Wahoo - could ya tell?!

Tara A. Rowe said...

Couldn't tell at all Wordsmith! ;)