Friday, May 9, 2008

Dinner Conversation

"Why is John F. Kennedy your favorite president?"
"He's not."
"He's not?!?"
"No, I like the 'what if' story. He isn't even in my top five."
"You have a top five?"
"Yes, and Kennedy isn't in it."
"Who is at the top?"
"Wilson who?"
"Oh boy."
"Didn't you meet Kennedy's kids?"
"No! And only one is alive."
"Oops, I lied."
"His daughter is on the campaign trail with Obama."
"Bin Laden?"
"Oh dear God!"

"Why did you order rice? You don't even like rice."
"I like rice. Why did you order a baked potato?"
"Because I'm an Idahoan."
"Then why weren't you in FFA?"
"You don't have be in FFA to live in Idaho."
"Can you see yourself on a tractor?"
"Hell no."
"True. Or near the horses. That would be really bad."

"Did that really happen?"
"The ball getting past the first basemen?"
"No, the Mets winning the World Series!?!"

"That's my favorite actor!"
"Who is your favorite actor?"
"You know, that guy."
"What guy?"
"The sausage guy."
"You know who I'm talking about--him!"
"Kevin Bacon?!"
"Yeah, that guy."


Teresa and Andy said...

absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the laughs

Jared said...

Wilson would be your favorite president, Tara...the only one left of FDR!

Tara A. Rowe said...

Yeah, I guess Wilson is a good fit for me! ;) I would have lobbied for the League of Nations...

Hey T, take the dinner conversation and insert Adam's contagious giggle in there after just about every comment. It is no wonder the waiter told us to keep it down!