Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Election Night Surprises

A few initial surprises as I look over the election results for Bannock County and the surrounding counties:
  1. For being an unknown in a primary against a man who has been running the race for what seems like centuries, David Archuleta had a strong showing. The unofficial results for Bannock County show Archuleta at 39% to LaRocco's 61%; for Bingham County 46% to LaRocco's 54% (with 9 of 26 precincts reporting); and, 36% to LaRocco's 64% in Bonneville County.
  2. The quintessential Bannock County Democrat, Lin Whitworth, has been unseated. I can hardly believe it. This was the race I was watching closest going into election day and I must say the one I was most shocked by as I read the night's results. KIDK is reporting that Karen Cordell beat Whitworth for the commission seat by 596 votes. Unreal. That's all I can say. Unreal.
  3. The Secretary of State's office has listed with their unofficial results the District 32 race going to Erik Simpson over Anne Rydalch. I don't know the specifics of this race so I can't actually call it a surprise, but I suppose it is a surprise when the conservatives in Bonneville County can see a wolf in sheep's clothing. Thank everything holy, Anne Rydalch will not be returning to the statehouse!
  4. Also from the Idaho SOS, Cassia County is reporting 92 Democrats voted today for Hillary Clinton. Granted, the primary has no bearing, given the results of the caucus, but I want to know where Cassia County found 92 Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton. Add that to the 89 who voted for Obama. What's going on in Cassia?! Add that to the numbers for Clinton and Obama in Minidoka County and I am officially baffled.
  5. Maybe I am reading this wrong, but was there really a guy named Nephi running for county commissioner in Madison County and he didn't win??
Too bad the surprise we aren't all excited about tonight is an unbelievable turnout across the state. I guess people just can't get too hyped up about a primary election directly following a three-day weekend that honors those who have come before us, paving the way for us to participate in this great democracy, handing us the right to vote. It's a damn shame that isn't tonight's surprise.


Jared said...

I think the most interesting thing of the night is the very close race for the supreme court.

Tara A. Rowe said...

You're right, Jared. That seems to be the story of the night.

Jared said...

Wow. Unofficial tally is that Judge Bradbury lost by only 276 votes. That is incredible. I didn't vote for him, but I almost did.

We had 40% turnout in Cassia Co. Decent for a primary.