Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Project

Without planning to, I took on a rather large Memorial Day weekend project--book rearranging and sorting. Yes, my books were in a fairly decent and manageable arrangement before the weekend, but in the process of looking for homes for some of the books that have taken up permanent residence on my desk and my nightstand, I decided there were some changes that needed to be made. One of the few shelves I have that didn't need much attention was this one that I keep in my dining room/office area. I have a dining area that serves as an office because I have no use for my kitchen. I hate to cook. I can cook, just hate it. The bottom two shelves are mostly Supreme Court, Congress, or U.S. Constitution related. The top shelf (not holding the pictures) is writing manuals of various types. All of these books are close to my desk for a reason and there they shall stay.
The "wall of books" is nearly complete. I am quickly running out of space here and am beginning to realize what a chore moving out of this place will be whenever I leave for graduate school. I was tempted to rearrange the middle section of books because the three shelves that were previously occupied by strictly Kennedy family and Kennedy assassination books are being taken over by Idaho history and politics books. Nothing says "evolving research interests" like the middle section of my wall of books.
The nightstand, serving multiple purposes since I obviously have a book problem, used to house newly purchased, unread books. Then I started reading those books in the time I wasn't sleeping and they weren't much use to me next to the bed. I moved the two "project" stacks to the nightstand. I've been reading all the short stories I can get my hands on over the last year or so, not for any better reason than to convince myself that I can like short stories. I don't, as of yet, but it is a work in progress. The other project, quite larger in scope, is a general review of some of the more recent works on the philosophy of history, historiography, and ethics in history as a profession. The big, ugly, green books stacked there to the side are Congressional Quarterly publications that have never had a home as long as they've been mine and they certainly aren't going to have one now. They will remain there until I can figure out why the hell I have them!
By far the least complicated of the bookshelves in my house, this one holds a myriad of books on baseball, politics, and the media. There's plenty of room here for new additions as they come.
Despite the book sorting (I actually got rid of a few books) and rearrangement, my desk remains as messy and unorganized as it did when I came home from work on Friday. The books residing on top of the desk are books I am still using to finish up essays, projects, posts, etc. For the most part, these are not books I intend to keep. The German textbook is going away for sure! And the small stack of CDs is a lost cause. I can't part with these cases because they are both unique and informative. However, I have no idea where to put the damn things.

Now that I have nearly accomplished this monumental task of arranging books, I don't look forward to returning to my desk at work tomorrow where books, papers, and any other number of things are stacked higher than I stand, waiting for me to find them a home, too. I suppose there is a reason they gave me a job in a library...

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