Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Middle of the Week Mélange

Having a bit of an emotional day here, so take this mid-week rundown for what it is--a poor attempt at a non-music video post for the day.

The dots were finally connected for me yesterday while watching Countdown and I must say that I am shocked to have realized that the Phil Gramm that is causing such a fuss for the McCain campaign is the same Phil Gramm of Gramm-Rudman-Hollings fame. Irate. That's the word that would best express my reaction to the connection yesterday. I'm beginning to learn that fiscally conservative and fiscally responsible are not always synonymous.

No word from the Idaho State Journal on my letter to the editor. Either it is over the word count or they aren't happy that I told them they were scooped by the Statesman yet again...

Did anybody happen to catch Recount on HBO over the weekend? I don't have HBO at my house, no movie channels actually, and so I wasn't able to watch it, but I'm hoping it goes to DVD quickly so I can snag it from Netflix. Sooner would be better for me.

I'm cleaning off my desk today and figure since election day was yesterday I can safely throw out the voter's guide that came in the local paper from the Cornerstone Institute of Idaho. Before I throw it out, I must say, these people are certifiable. I read some of the positions on their website and even followed a few of the links. Wow. That's all I can say.

Had an interesting telephone conversation with my mother's husband this morning. Turns out he was one of the many Idahoans who voted for Ron Paul yesterday. Go figure. Ron Paul, Ross Perot, and George Hansen. I see a trend here.

Last of the minor things I wanted to comment on: The June issue of Smithsonian magazine has a great article by William Booth about Betty Ford and that now infamous picture of her standing on the conference table in the Cabinet Room. Pick it up, it's worth a read. There is also a decent article by David Roberts about the U.S. Army marching into Utah to fight the Mormon militia nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. Very interesting for you regional history buffs.


Ben said...

Hey Tara,

I'm a long time lurker on your blog. I enjoy reading your take on the state of politics in Idaho.

I also work at the Journal. I just wanted to let you know the person who verifies the letters is on vacation, so that's probably the reason you haven't gotten a call yet.

If you want to see it printed, the best bet is usually to call our managing editor or send him an email. He's pretty good about getting back to people, and if people ask he'll bump their letters up in the rotation.

You can contact him at or just call the paper here and ask for Ian.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Tara A. Rowe said...

Hey Ben, thanks for the comment. I'll give Ian a call, the letter isn't really a big deal. Stop by any time, glad you know somebody is reading.

Jared said...

I could have told you that about your mother's husband without knowing his voting record.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Yeah, Jared, he kind of is predictable man. Couldn't talk his wife into voting yesterday, though. She may still be sore about Romney not being in the race...