Monday, May 19, 2008

Still Disgusted

The conviction of Raymond Ortiz III was mentioned here in March with the question of which was more disgusting, Ortiz' despicable actions or the comments being left by Statesman readers following the story. Ortiz is back, this time as he awaits sentencing, and the moronic comments have returned as well. This comment struck me:

Not At All (in response to the question 'thought you were pro-life?')
Submitted by Idahoan_by_choice on Mon, 05/19/2008 - 11:48am.
"I am anti-[hypocrisy]. I do not believe human life is sacred. I believe a woman has a right to abort her [fetus]. I believe murderers should be executed. I believe we should wage war if needed to protect our interests, even if it means we kill innocents. Polls suggest most people believe as I do, but they don't view it so starkly, and certainly what I believe has been the status quo in the US for 35 years. In any case, no one is really pro-life, because everyone will claim an [exception]. Yet the moral high ground is addictive, so everyone climbs on it, making them [hypocrites]."

On Friday, Ortiz will be sentenced for second degree murder (a plea agreement arranged by the Ada County prosecutor over the original sentence of first degree murder for killing his infant son).

At what point are the powers that be over at the Statesman going to get the hint that most of us are fed up with the uncontrolled comments being attached to the most extreme of stories?


Jared said...

You know I agree on this point. I think the Statesman is crappy paper and its online readership, judging on the comments online, is full of ignoramuses of both political stripes. Anonimity on the net ruins legitimate debate and engagement.

Tara A. Rowe said...

It isn't their anonymity that makes them bastards.