Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday, Monday

A couple of things I spotted over the weekend in the local papers are worth mentioning.

First, the genius Perry Swisher had a great piece in the Idaho State Journal's Sunday edition paying tribute to the late J.R. Simplot. Swisher can be hit and miss, but I particularly enjoyed his piece, "My Thoughts on the Kid from Declo." Maybe because I'm a kid from Declo, myself, or it could just be that I appreciate Idaho history more than most. Thankfully the piece made it to the ISJ blogs, so this link should remain active for awhile.

The Times-News had a small write-up in the Sunday edition about the Western Days parade and the controversial entry that I mentioned at length Saturday. Evidently there were protesters, a bunch of high school students sitting at the city park, but I missed that, we were sitting about a block down from the Five Points/Shoshone Ave. turn. The protesters felt they were a success, which maybe they were, because the parade organizers say that the Southern Idaho Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Community Center is free to participate again next year as long as they stick to the rules and mind their p's and q's as they did this year. Ridiculous.

Also from the ridiculous category, Richard Larsen, a fellow who writes op-ed pieces here in Pocatello for the Idaho State Journal has another idiotic tirade about the "whitewashed Camelot presidency." I'm not sure what this guy's problem is, I'm not the only one that finds him insulting and down right wrong, but here he is again with a piece titled "What Really Happened When Kennedy Met With Khrushchev." He evidently has degrees from ISU in history and political science. We quite obviously weren't taught by the same people...

Today Senator Ted Kennedy will undergo brain surgery to remove the tumor that doctors discovered a few weeks ago when he suffered a seizure at his home. Keep him in your thoughts.

Things might be a little crazy around here this week as I have much to accomplish before I can leave for the state convention the middle of next week. With the time I'll have to spend at physical therapy this week, the time I really need to devote to the women in Idaho history article I am co-authoring, and my usual daily schedule at the ISU library, I'm going to be short on time and energy.

Don't expect anything too serious...

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