Saturday, June 7, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

This may be the only post for awhile, so savor it for all its randomness.

There are two things I never doubt myself on: Idaho history and the Kennedys. Whatever intellectual intuition I have there, it is never second-guessed. Or I should say rarely. Not since I was old enough to start reading Kennedy books by the truckload. And not since I started doing some work with the state history journal. However, about two weeks ago I started second guessing myself. All over some whack job who thought he knew something about a little-known congresswoman from Idaho that I've looked up to my entire life. It wasn't actually this guy that caused my undoing, I wouldn't give the bastard the satisfaction, it was in part my fellow bloggers who didn't stand up for me. Needless to say, the second guessing has not ceased. In terms of Idaho history, the Kennedys, or much else.

Doesn't help much that I'm on my third round of steroids for a back problem that doesn't seem to be getting much better and I am increasingly grouchy and frustrated by the day.

So, I didn't say anything about the fortieth anniversary of the Robert Kennedy assassination. However, as sageword pointed out in the comments on my last post of substance, NPR had a great interview with the LIFE photographer who followed RFK into the kitchen where he was shot in the Ambassador Hotel. No other story I've ever read nor listened to made it more clear to me that most historians become historians by chance, not choice. And it gave me chills. Writing about it now gives me chills.

I have no intention of posting anything between now and the convention. The state convention next week, not the national convention in August, though I wouldn't mind taking a break from life until August... I may do some live blogging from the convention, depending on how much of it I can sit through once I even make it there, but I will have some sort of follow up to the convention when I return home next Sunday. If I return home. I'm thinking about running away to Maine.

The rest of this post will be a rundown of the stories I've kept my eye on or saved for whatever reason. Like I said, randomness.

There's been an ongoing project by the home deputy editor of the Washington Post centered around the cleaning out of her attic. I don't have an attic, but I do have a similar problem--I can't part with books. She blames the problem on her husband, I don't have one of those either. No attic, no husband, no problem. Just books and lots of them.

Scary unemployment numbers are being reported everywhere. I spotted this story on the CNN Money site, and not to detract from the seriousness of the growing number of people out of work in this country, but one of the guys mentioned in the story had a job as a part-time chess instructor. I'm not job hunting at the moment, not that I know of anyway, but I wouldn't mind a job as a part-time chess instructor. Where do you think I would find that gig? Coincidentally, Monday will mark the three year anniversary of me taking one of my jobs, I have two at the moment that I'm being paid for, and another one that just floats in and out. It is the one I don't get paid for that I like the most. I digress, three years in a job that has had lots of ups-and-downs. Most of which have been worth it. Some of which still boggle my mind and leave me wondering why I'm still here. Add that to two and a half years on the Stallings' papers and I think I'm ready to move on. To be a professional chess instructor...

What goals I have. I am running away to Maine to teach chess and write poems. Good Lord!

Headed to Idaho Falls for the day to hang with the 43rd State Blues boys and Chris of unequivocal notion at the Beer Fest. Hopefully the back can survive the trip. Hopefully I can survive the trip. No beer drinking for me, but it should be a great time hanging with the guys. Oh, and there is always Barnes & Noble...

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