Saturday, June 14, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

There are few journalists that bring charisma and brilliance to the screen the way Tim Russert did. Russert collapsed Friday while at work in Washington and died shortly there after. Without question, Russert's personality will be missed both in Washington and the political world as a whole. Watching Russert is what first let me in on the secret that the question is just as, if not more so, important than the answer. Tim Russert was fifty-eight.

With political conventions taking place in Sandpoint and Garden City this weekend, the bloggers and reporters all over the place. Heard from a friend who is in Sandpoint and he said that connecting to the internet is like pulling teeth. That's what happens when you book the fairgrounds for a political convention, I suspect. Here in Boise the internet connection seems to be just fine, word seems to be making it out from the bloggers in the know. Funny how lost we feel when we aren't "connected."

Earlier today I received an email from a reader who suggested I take a look at this piece by Tim Wise. First of all, I don't know who Tim Wise is, but he's right about the sting of Clinton's defeat still being new. I still cringe when her name turns up in a conversation and I can't say I've let the truth settle in with me altogether. Regardless, this piece is ridiculous. There are people out there who aren't pro-Obama for reasons other than race or gender. Really! Believe it or not some of us have legitimate concerns about what November will bring. Some of us actually wonder about that little thing called experience. Not everything is about race or gender.

And I wonder how long I'll continue to be associated with Clinton because I was one of few bloggers in my state to endorse her...

Because I have been on an extended break from my job, I've come to appreciate a few things, the first being, I don't have a curfew. I know that seems weird. I'm twenty-three years old and I have a curfew. My night job requires me to be there between certain hours though it is technically my home and I can sleep or whatever it is I choose to do when I'm not sleeping. For the past several nights I haven't had to be anywhere at ten o'clock at night. It's a strange feeling. For the past three years I have always had to be somewhere at precisely ten o'clock. It has never really bothered me--I'm a home body. But, now that I have all of this freedom, I can honestly say I haven't stayed out past ten at all. Not even once. How boring am I?

Funny thing is, I never had a curfew growing up. I could have stayed out until two in the morning whenever I wanted to. Didn't then, either.

A colleague of mine underwent an eighteen hour surgery yesterday to remove her jaw and part of her tongue. Word today is she came through just fine, they removed a bone from her shoulder to rebuild her jaw and she is "resting comfortably." I don't know why doctors say that--there doesn't seem to be anything comfortable about eighteen hours of surgery. Despite that poor phrasing, I am happy to know she is okay and that she'll be with us for many more years. This woman is a straight-shooter. She'll tell you just exactly what she thinks and never apologizes. She's tough, but gentle, a quality in her that I admire more than I can explain. She's bigger than the cancer that has clouded her life for the last several months and I have complete faith that she'll pull through.

As much as I'd rather not mention the Braves complete collapse this week, to the Cubs of all teams, I want to make sure and mention that Wrigley Field is back on the market. Seems that Wrigley will be sold to the highest bidder as soon as possible and the unspoken truth of it all is that the name will change. Cubs fans and baseball fans in general are outraged. Wrigley is a national landmark and one we don't want to part with, even if in name only. My only suggestion is that all companies with 'goat' in their title keep their money in their wallets. You hear that Goat, Inc.? You're totally out of the running!

No more Wrigley? What's next? It's a slippery slope, watch out "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" fans.

Whenever I return home I hope to sit down and post some thoughts on two very unique experiences I've had in so many days, two experiences that I needed more than I probably grasp at this moment. It's strange to me how, sometimes without even having any idea, people around you can sense you need direction and gently guide you. Fortunately, the two people I speak of are people I deeply admire and respect and I was perceptive enough to realize 'hey, this is big and this is something I'm going to remember for a very long time.'

That's about it from me. Feeling in the foot and leg comes and goes, back pain seems constant. The kid brother leaves for leadership camp tomorrow. My fantasy baseball team is sucking canal water. Seriously, sucking. Graduate school applications are moving slowly. Stallings' papers are, well, stalled. Progress may continue again beginning on Monday. But it's Saturday and I'm going to bask in that for a minute or two.

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