Saturday, June 21, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

As I said yesterday, probably more than once, the article running atop the MountainGoat Report deserves a second of your time. It says what two weeks of my writing only hoped to and what I've said doesn't hold a candle to MGR's post. Go read MountainGoat Report's "Why Zeb Bell Matters" now.

The June 16, 2008 issue of Newsweek magazine had interesting, albeit frustrating, article by Jessica Bennett and Jennie Yabroff about nerdy girls. Not just nerdy girls, but girls who are making being nerdy sexy. Despite the title ("Revenge of the Nerdettes"), the article is actually about geeky girls--the smart ones that have techie skills. The upside of the article is that it addresses the breaking down of barriers for girls who want to go into math, the sciences, and the more tech-savvy fields. It is always good to see traditional stereotypes being torn down, especially those that previously impacted the career decisions of millions of young women who chose job in nursing or teaching because those were fields thought to be appropriate for women. However, I don't see the need to sex up these girls and unduly glorify their brains just because they are not traditionally geeky in appearance.

I suppose that recent films have done this for nerdy, young men--think Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Superbad, Knocked Up and Juno--it just doesn't seem the same. The difference being, the nerdy, young men aren't GQ guys in sophisticated pinstripes and sexy specs, they're nerdy, young men with curly hair and acne. Not at all the same image being portrayed as the bright young women in short skirts and glasses.

No idea where that was going... Just saying the article annoyed me.

The Idaho Democratic Party has a news article on their website about a little meet-and-greet the progressive bloggers took part in this past Friday. I can't seem to get the IDP website to load, so I will send you to Sisyphus who will take care of you from there. Worth a read if you're interested in the bloggers behind the blogs and what our status within our own party is (though sometimes I'm not even sure what this is).

Happy Saturday! Proceed with caution.


Sara E Anderson said...

Well, great, it's real revolutionary to say that women that already meet popular beauty standards are attractive.

MountainGoat said...

Tara, thanks but you've been the one keeping the Zeb Bell issue in the spotlight. My one post doesn't measure up to that.