Saturday, June 28, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

The federal candidate financial reporting period ends with this month, so now is the time to show your support for our federal candidates here in Idaho. Walt and Larry need your help! Follow these links to ActBlue pages for Walt Minnick and Larry LaRocco. Contribute today!

Joan Mellen, the author of Farewell to Justice, has a new book being released by JFK Lancer Products & Publications. Jim Garrison: His Life and Times, the Early Years proves to be the definitive work on Garrison, the New Orleans district attorney most known for prosecuting the only case brought in the assassination of our 35th president. Mellen's new book is available directly from the publisher (note the new look of the site) or from Amazon.

An interesting blurb in the coming week's Newsweek says that a soon-to-be-released study says that bloggers are happier than non-bloggers. True story, they say that in general an individual's mental health is vastly improved by blogging. Pick up the June 30th issue of Newsweek and read for yourself what Jessica Bennett says about blogging and mental health. Surely the study didn't take into account those of us bloggers who have been listening to a racist, bigoted radio show for several weeks...

Word this morning from the LaRocco campaign shows Republican Jim Risch is not only avoiding the issue of debate, he is completely ignoring the younger voters of Idaho. Brian Rich experienced this first hand in contacting both Risch's campaign and LaRocco's for a story. LaRocco's campaign got back to Rich in 15 minutes. Risch's people informed Rich that Risch was not available. Go read Rich's story here.

I got an email from the Bannock County Democrats mailing list (not from the party itself, but from an individual speaking for himself) asking me to sign a petition being sent to Faux News telling them that their racism and prejudices are not okay. Go sign, too. I'm beginning to wonder why the fine people of the Mini-Cassia area haven't started a similar petition for their most bigoted and loud-mouthed local radio pundit.

While I'm on the topic, I have been desperately trying to reach Benjamin Reed, a DJ in the Mini-Cassia area. Either he isn't getting my messages or he is simply ignoring them. Either way, if any of you know how to reach Mr. Reed or if Ben is actually reading this, please contact me!

Hopefully this post will halt the one-sentence posts I've been famous for this week. I worked my guts out on a piece for another site and then ended up in an awful writing slump. I'm currently working on a lengthy post that will go up tomorrow or Monday.

Until then, happy Saturday!

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