Sunday, June 15, 2008

What I've Learned This Week

There are reasons President Kennedy adored his rocking chair. Some chairs are brutal on the back.

When Richard Stallings resigned as chairman of the Idaho Democratic Party, he left very big shoes to fill. The man that took his place is doing an impressive and admirable job of filling them.

Being responsible often requires simply showing up.

There are people you will be thanking daily for the rest of your life. Come to terms with that now.

Financial audits are a superb source of historical data. When a society doesn't care to keep track of some of its own people, you'd be surprised how much they do care about keeping track of the money of those very people.

Our biggest failures come at times when we've become so comfortable with what we are doing that we forget to take risks. Equally important, the fall is hardest when we take unnecessary risks.

There is a hell of a lot of difference between the eighteenth and twenty-first presidents of the United States.

Never doubt how much can change in a week.

The Idaho GOP may actually be capable of eating their own young.

I'd rather be trusted than loved.

Each of the Idaho progressive bloggers has a niche; Idablue in the campaign finance realm, MountainGoat in tracking down the smallest shred of information, and, Sisyphus in exposing hypocrisy and hate. I don't know where my niche is.


Jared said...

Alright, I'm cruious. What is the big difference you discoverd between Ulysses S. Grant and Chester Arthur? I know they both were generals, but what's the big secret? Do tell...

Jared said...

PS...I can't wait to have children so I can eat them.

MountainGoat said...

Idaho History, political and otherwise--that's your niche. You own it, in fact.

Also tracking idiocy in the Mini-Cassia area.

John T. Richards Jr. said...

Re: "The Idaho GOP may actually be capable of eating their own young."

Well I am typically a Democrat but after raising three children (one a teen still at home), I find that there were certainly moments when they could work up my appetite. But on this father's day I am happy to say I never ate that meal. John