Friday, June 13, 2008

Where Does the Hatred End?

Either Steve Mitton, of KBAR (an associate of Zeb Bell), is trying to say something or he isn't. Funny thing, he isn't defending or denying Zeb Bell at the moment. Just pointing out that us "liberal bloggers" take lies and run with them. Actually, it's the truth we run with, but that's beside the point.

I would like to know how this photo is any less absurd and derogatory than the comments made on Mr. Bell's radio show Monday.

Both Steve Mitton and Zeb Bell have shows broadcast by KBAR, a station of the Lee Family Broadcasting network, based in Rupert, Idaho. Both are inflammatory and should be yanked off the air.

If Lee Family Broadcasting won't do it, those who choose to sponsor this racism and hatred should do something about it. In the comments following this post by Sisyphus, you may find contact information for those who are monetarily contributing to spreading hatred in our communities.

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