Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cougars & Carrying

We have had several cougar sightings on campus over the past months, the latest resulted in the teaming up of ISU Public Safety and the Idaho Fish & Game to "corral" the cougars.

The sightings have been mostly on or near Red Hill, an area I don't frequent, so I haven't paid particularly close attention, but yesterday the Idaho State Journal quoted an ISU student in their "Campus Word" section that caught my attention:

The Journal asked: How do you feel about cougars coming on campus?

"I really wished they had concealed carry on campus. As long as it's sitting there, I can aim."
--Jordan Keough, Junior

Oh boy. What do you say to that? Who knew it took the cougars coming back to bring the concealed carry argument back up! Maybe I should have been a little more concerned with the open carry people visiting the Boise zoo if this is the thought process...

*An update via ISU student memos:

Following reported sightings of mountain lions on campus, ISU Public Safety has been working closely with the Idaho Fish and Game to locate and capture any of the animals for relocation.

Sightings have yet to be confirmed. Fish and Game officials have employed scent-tracking dogs and live traps, but have yet to discover evidence of the animals' presence.

Campus officials will continue working with Fish and Game in a vigilant manner. Any confirmations or other pertinent information to reported sightings will be shared with the public through timely warning systems and other means as necessary.

(5:04 p.m. MST)

Obviously the update is cougar related, not conceal-carry related.


Sisyphus said...

Eeeeerrrgggghhh. As long as its sitting there and I'm not carrying anything and I can reach around to unconceal my weapon and I'm fifty feet or less away and I can carefully check no one is in front of, behind or around it and it still hasn't moved I can take aim, pull the trigger and maybe scare the piss out of it...

Hey dipthong, why don't you carry a string of firecrackers instead.

Wordsmith said...

Cougars are one of the few animals I have tremendous respect. Their deadliness is renown. I wouldn't fuck with one EVER! I've only been close to one ONCE and THAT scared the shit out of me. We were in the car coming out Warm Springs Ave., and that place in there near the Mesa (housing road), one was crossing the road coming up from the river. We stopped probably 75 feet or so back (which we thot was WAY TOO CLOSE) and waited for it to cross. Even seeing us and the car, it didn't hesitate or falter. It just kept on going. All three of us in the car SWORE it made eye contact and said, "DON'T FUCK WITH ME." We were scared. I mean, I don't scare easy but I was scared. Christ, that was probably a good 15 years ago and I get chills THINKING about it. As soon as that thing was across the road and was loping up the hill we drove off as fast as that car could go.

Scare the piss out of a cougar? Yeah maybe - then it'll come and eat your ass for scaring the piss out of it. It's a no-win, no-win situation. Fuck the guns. Some people, I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

Watch the wordage, some of us have sensitive ears!

Wordsmith said...

Cover your eyes .... oops - ears.

Sisyphus said...

Hey Wordy, that's my backyard. We had some sightings a couple years ago but nothing recently, just tracks. I've never seen one in the wild and I spend lots of time there. I bet they've seen me though.

I agree, if they're in a stalking mode I don't want to be around. But I really don't think they want to mess with something my size. Children might look edible. I still think a loud bang would send them running. Cougar attacks are pretty rare.

slfisher said...

I don't think I'd want to take on a cougar with a handgun, even if I could hit the broad side of a barn. For that I'd want my 12-gauge, which doesn't fall under concealed carry laws, because it's sort of hard to conceal a 12-gauge. But at some universities, at least, *no* guns are allowed. It's not a concealed carry issue.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Sharon, awhile back there was discussion on the ISU campus about the possibility of conceal carry. At the time, post-Virginia Tech, I think the discussion was mostly about whether or not public safety officers and even faculty could have the option of carrying. Don't know what ever came of the discussion, but it died out and I'm assuming that this student they quoted in the paper is still a little sore about that.

I can't seem to understand why the sightings of these cougars are taking place while students and members of the community are jogging up Red Hill and that portion of campus at 11pm and later...

And we're actually in their home, not them in ours, so trapping them isn't really something I'm too excited about.

asif said...

It is an animal which lives in forest.



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