Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Middle of the Week Mélange

What a horrible Wednesday. Days like today are what pit historians against political scientists. How are we supposed to get excited about the political non-fight that took place over FISA today when we know this is a dark day in American history in terms of what the vote means to the Constitution?

Where is the respect for the rule of law? How did my party, the very party that ran Tom Daschle out on a rail for being too forceful, so calmly and quietly stand behind the spineless Harry Reid? How have we allowed our candidate for the presidency to take the position he has on this very crucial issue while still shoveling money into his campaign? Does the rule of law not apply to all citizens? Do we not each hold that law with ultimate respect? Have we forgotten how to read the Constitution of the United States of America?

Thank God for the good guys and thank God for Ted Kennedy.

Without Ted Kennedy's arrival on the Senate floor, I'm afraid I may have become completely disillusioned with my own party. Why did a Democrat-led Congress allow FISA to pass? Why bow to an administration so widely disliked?

As Russ Feingold has said numerous times today, it is indeed a dark time for the Constitution.

While watching the FISA vote today, I did a little voting of my own--don't forget that the last two slots for the MLB All-star game require fan participation. My final choices were Carlos Lee (Houston) and Jose Guillen (Kansas City). Doesn't look like at the moment either are in the running... However, my choices didn't exactly line up with the fan-chosen starters and I didn't expect them to be much different on these last two votes.

The home run derby will air Monday night with the 2008 All-star Game the following night, both at Yankee Stadium.

Forgive me for not being incredibly excited about political happenings right now. I'm afraid I've been beat down by the endless disappointments out of both local and national-level politics of late. Even those of us who eat, sleep, drink politics get sick of it sometimes. I wouldn't say I'm sick of it, the game that is, I am merely disappointed in my party, both those who voted today for a bill that has trampled the Fourth Amendment and those who have defended them.

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