Saturday, July 12, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

If this week were even an hour longer I would have called in and officially quit the race. Thankfully it ended, not a moment too soon, and I am now attempting to catch up on everything I couldn't accomplish this week and absolutely refuse to drag with me into the coming week.

It was an eventful, albeit odd and often depressing, week in the news. The FISA non-fight came and went. Ted Kennedy returned to the Senate. Jesse Jackson got himself in trouble at, of all places, Fox News studios. Phil Gramm was thrown under the bus. And so much more.

Something I noticed yesterday, but didn't have the time to follow was this gem from 4&20 Blackbirds, a Montana-based blog. Seems to be a lot of ways Americans noted the passing of Senator Jesse Helms...

As the Sports Examiner asked, what the hell is in the Gatorade buckets in baseball's minor leagues? Really though, how can you be surprised that the Wichita team's manager went absolutely nuts on a bad call--the team name?--the Wingnuts. I kid you not. If you haven't seen the insane video, go watch it now. It knocks last summer's incident with the seemingly paranoid Phil Wellman down just a notch. At least this time it doesn't give the Atlanta Braves a bad rap...

Only fourteen more days until the world premiere of X-Files: I Want to Believe for anybody keeping tabs. Seven until the Dark Knight. My back is still in rough shape and the coming week is going to be brutal so I doubt I'll squeeze in the new installment in the Batman series at the end of the week, but I'm shooting for the Chris Carter epic the following week. Cross your fingers.

Speaking of Batman, the newest installment is directed by Christopher Nolan, same director as Batman Begins, and what I didn't realize is that Nolan writes, too. Somehow missed that he wrote the screenplay for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Memento, and Following. I think I ought to give the fellow another chance. He seems to have considerable skill, depending of course on how you feel about the post-nightmare that was Batman & Robin films, and if he can write, direct, and produce, that's something. I wonder if this will be the second and final of the Batman series done by Nolan. Tim Burton did two, Joel Schumacher two, and now Nolan two. Just a thought.

An odd story out of Germany regarding an upcoming visit by Barack Obama--WaPo says Germany isn't happy, Germany says the State Dept. isn't happy. All in all very strange situation indeed.

The full rosters for both the American and National leagues have been solidified for Tuesday night's 2008 All-Star Game from Yankee Stadium. Your National League starters, led by the Rockies manager Clint Hurdle include: C-Soto (Cubs), 1B-Berkman (Astros), 2B-Utley (Phillies), SS-Ramirez (Marlins), 3B-Jones (Braves), OF-Braun (Brewers), OF-Fukudome (Cubs), OF-Holliday (Rockies), and injured/not playing OF-Soriano (Cubs). Your American League starters, led by reigning World Champion Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona include: C-Mauer (Twins), 1B-Youkilis (Red Sox), 2B-Pedroia (Red Sox), SS-Jeter (Yankees), 3B-Rodriguez (Yankees), OF-Suzuki (Mariners), OF-Ramirez (Red Sox), OF-Hamilton (Rangers), and injured/not playing DR-Ortix (Red Sox). The last two roster spots, voted on by the fans, went to Corey Hart (outfielder with the Brewers) and rookie phenom Evan Longoria (outfielder with the first place Tampa Bay Rays). Word on the street is David Wright, one of only two Mets being represented at the final game at Yankee Stadium, will replace Alfonso Soriano for Clint Hurdle.

If you aren't familiar with the work of Dr. John, now is as good a time as ever to get in on the brilliance. Dr. John's latest (recommended to me by a friend and fan of Dr. John's work) is both a testament to the relationship between music and New Orleans as well as a testament to the bitterness and anger remaining in a post-Katrina world. City That Care Forgot is a wonderful album and worth every cent.

A parting note on this the second Saturday in July, Declo Days in my hometown, is for you history buffs out there: On this day in 1801, Alexander Hamilton died in New York state after being fatally wounded by Vice President Aaron Burr. Certainly one of the more bizarre stories in our two-hundred plus year history as a nation.

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