Saturday, July 19, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

In case you missed the MLB All-Star game this past week, the best play of the game, previously posted here, but now taken down my YouTube, was a sweet out at the plate--Nate McClouth from right field all the way to Russell Martin behind the plate. If you haven't seen Russell Martin play you won't understand how this could be so spectacular. It was certainly my favorite play of the fifteen-inning long game. Also, seems somebody picked up on the statement uttered by EPSN commentator Rick Reilly, about the home run derby being a bad night for Atheists. Go read this and see what I'm talking about. And if you missed the ending to the game, here's the last play, and the saddest.

If you don't read the Washington Post regularly, you may not be aware of a series they are running on the disappearance and murder of Chandra Levy back in 2001. The Post is obviously still following this story because it has political undertones and it is a Metro story, but it is amazing to me how many of the details being revealed to the public are in fact news. I thought I was fairly well versed on this particular story--have always been fascinated by it--and yet most of what has appeared in the Post story is news to me. There are so many more angles to this other than the typical 'Condit had something to do with it' line. The next installment will come tomorrow night, catch up before then.

The Times-News, based in Twin Falls and focused on the Magic Valley, has started a new section on their website devoted to political blogs. As of right now all three (a progressive, an independent, and a conservative) are subtitled "Election 2008: Politics Talk," but I wouldn't be surprised to see this feature carry on through the election. One of the bloggers is a man I have corresponded with for over a year, one Gary Eller, of Twin Falls. Gary claims to be an independent and refuses to be a Democrat, however, for that area of Idaho I find him very open-minded about all political issues. More on Gary in the next day or two. The progressive blogger is a woman who is no stranger to Democratic politics in the Magic Valley. I, like with Gary, have been in touch with Dixie and I am very excited to see what she brings to the political table. I have not heard of nor met Mr. Tom Young, the conservative voice. If you haven't taken a look at these blogs, I would highly recommend it. Mr. Eller has not posted anything as of this afternoon, but if his LTE output is any indication of his writing, we can expect to hear from him regularly.

If you are in Pocatello today, the Idaho State University Democrats and the Bannock County Democrats are hosting the annual Stallings picnic at Raymond Park at 5pm. The annual event intended to honor Idaho's former congressman, will be mc'd by KT Anderson and the speaker will be Pocatello Mayor Roger Chase. As much as I would love to see Congressman Stallings and rub elbows with my fellow Bannock County Democrats, I will not be in attendance as I am not feeling well. However, if you have time to make it over to Raymond park, further information on the cost and location can be found at 43rd State Blues.

On a related note, at least related to why I won't be attending this evening's picnic, this coming Monday I am having a small procedure done to relieve some of the swelling and pressure being placed on the impinged nerves in my lumbar spine from a herniated disc. Monday afternoon, I'm told, will be a lot of laying around trying to be comfortable, and then I should be back to my old self in a day or two. However, I'm going to take that time off from blogging. I plan on writing some things up and scheduling them so they will be posted to Blogger in my absence. Though I think I will be fine and there are very few risks associated with this procedure (the risks and side effects aren't that much different from what I've experienced in the past few months), I would rather not post while sedated even minimally.

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