Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Tunes

I have been slacking on my updates of new music releases. Yes, I have been slacking elsewhere, too.

I receive a wonderful email weekly from a great online music store--Miles of Music--with a listing of upcoming releases in a genre they call Americana. Through Miles of Music I have discovered many great artists that I wouldn't have otherwise discovered through listening to local Top 40 radio or from the discovery download iTunes offers weekly. I've never been one to become so attached to a genre of music that I fail to recognize the brilliance of music in other genres, but I have always felt constrained by the lack of accessibility to music outside of the popular music scene. Miles of Music has been the remedy.

In addition to the weekly emails from Miles of Music, I receive alerts from iTunes regarding new releases and more than a few times a month check out the new releases (and future releases)page at Amazon.

Despite my vigilance in keeping track of all of the new and soon-to-be released music, I somehow missed two important CDs, one released last week and one to be released on the 22nd of this month. The first, Shinedown's third album, The Sound of Madness. The second, the long-awaited Candlebox album Into the Sun.

Candlebox hasn't been around much in the last few years, mostly because their lead singer (Kevin Martin) went out on his own for awhile and they couldn't seem to get and keep a drummer. However, Candlebox happens to be one of the bands battling for the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" crown over at ESPN in honor of the tune's 100th anniversary. With a new album and the semi-publicity from ESPN, could be a great summer for Candlebox.

Last week when Shinedown's The Sound of Madness was released, it was a complete surprise to me. It turned up on the new release board at iTunes and I grabbed a few of their singles right away. The thing with Shinedown is, I've never been able to listen to their full albums. They have some amazing stuff, amazing lyrics, worthy of purchasing the entire CD, however, I just have never been able to listen to every last song on their first two albums. So far, I have downloaded "Second Chance," "If You Only Knew," and "Call Me." All three singles I like quite a bit and it will only be a matter of time before I request iTunes complete my album (beautiful feature that is).

Have yet to add my new Shinedown purchases on the sidebar where I add all the recent music I purchase, but I have added under "Friends, Finds, and Favorites" a full-time link to Miles of Music. I also need to update my music purchases since some of them are no longer remotely new, but like I said, I'm slacking.

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