Sunday, August 3, 2008


The weekend got away from me, just as I mentioned yesterday did the entire month of July. I had every intention of posting something of consequence today--something on the great Helen Thomas--and I just didn't get to it.

Not that you all need my excuses, but I was highly side tracked and easily distracted.

My kid brother was here for the weekend. That should be enough said. Entertaining a fifteen year old is hard work. Actually, he did quite a bit of entertaining me. The boy needs a prize of some sort. He allowed me to haul him to the library to rearrange some heavy boxes and to move a table. Granted, he gave me crap when I said that I'd probably need a nap after all that--since he did the lifting and all, but hey, I'm injured.

It wasn't all work and no play. Last night we rented movies, ate pizza, and he beat me at chess. More than once. It's pathetic really. We got in some X-Files rerun watching, an attempt to cure our disappointment hangover from the new movie. Lucky for us "Pusher," "Hell Money," and "Scary Monsters" never disappoint. And baseball, lots and lots of baseball.

Today was a horrible day for base stealing. Every time they'd break from the Yankees/Angels match up to show an update from another game that inevitably displayed poor base running I had to hear why the fundamentals were all off. That's a speedy shortstop for you, the bro had to tell me everything that went wrong in every failed play. Granted, I was a slow as hell catcher and knew better than to steal a base, but I didn't realize there were so many rules to this base stealing business.

When I wasn't hearing about poor base running, I had to field the constant question of how the roster can possibly list Pudge Rodriguez at 5'9". And...because I shouldn't be able to watch a baseball game in peace my brother insisted on reminding me that Mark Teixeira isn't all that cute or amazing. That is until Big Tex hit a grand slam. Shut the boy up rather quickly. Today's Yankees/Angels match up was nearly unbearable. I still don't know if it is okay to cheer for Pudge while he's wearing pin stripes. Something was seriously wrong with the Angels defense today and watching them bobble so many supposedly easy grounders was painful.

Tonight I will be watching the Cardinals/Phillies game by myself. In silence.

Look for a special post from me tomorrow. That is an intention I will not shrug.

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