Saturday, August 16, 2008

Smorgasbord Saturday

Welcome to another smorgasbord, this one full of kookiness.

An LTE in the Times-News this past week caught my eye, unfortunately not for the topic at hand but for the unusual ability of the writer to associate the events with the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. Seriously! He has a point though about the Times-News acquiring smaller papers. News recently revealed Lee Enterprises, after already having acquired the Burley-based South Idaho Press, would allow the Twin-based paper (Times-News) to be the only local paper. This not too many years after Lee acquired the Gooding County Leader and quickly shut it down. Maybe this guy, despite the black helicopter tone in his letter, is onto something...

From the truly bizarre file, there are two men in Georgia who either completely believe they have the body of Bigfoot or they are trying to make a quick buck. The kicker? The seven foot, seven inch corpse, if that is even what you call it, is in a freezer. They're keeping Bigfoot on ice! As if the story isn't absolutely insane enough on its own, a professor at ISU, known for his Bigfoot research and other unscientific beliefs, felt the need to weigh in and say he has his doubts about whatever those two guys are keeping in their freezer. Even the BBC News is quoting Meldrum...ugh. If you didn't catch Countdown with Rachael Maddow tonight, find the clip, she interviewed these Bigfoot "owners" and they're not revealing where they are keeping the corpse now.

Just as unexpected as yesterday's TGIF Tunes is a new pop single by Kid Rock that is not only easy on the ears, it's actually a catchy tune. As hard as I try, I can't seem to like Kid Rock. His voice, when doing fairly mellow songs like "Picture" with Sheryl Crow, is likable enough, but looking at him isn't pleasant. Maybe it's me, but he's scary. The fact that a guy from Detroit can be singing about a southern rock anthem to Alabama while picking up new listeners in every state in the union has be completely baffled. Okay, not nearly as kooky as Fred Durst behind a camera...

A little Olympic kookiness: Can someone explain to me why all of China is in the same time zone, but when I want to call up to the University of Idaho I have to remember that there is an hour difference? And what is up with the Belarus rowing teams' uniforms? They've lost the yellow and white and now just have an elfish green and red with side white stripes. Very odd.

Last but not least, from the leaders of internet kookiness, Yahoo! has a front page story about a Rhode Island couple that moved into a mall. That's right, a shopping mall. Only at Yahoo! could this be front page news (though the story actually comes from The story is a bit bizarre beyond that actual part where they moved into the mall. Their reasoning for moving in, other than the large structure going up near their home, was to get an idea of why people go to malls in the first place. Sociological experiment or not, still seems rather strange to me. Then again, I never go to the mall. They better not move in with me.

That's all the kookiness I have to offer. Happy Saturday!


Nick Speth said...

Why is it that the song is about Sweet Home Alabama but samples Werewolves of London? That song aggravates me.

Tara A. Rowe said...

It's rather bizarre that he chose those two songs of all the choices out there! They just don't work together--and it's an insult to both of them to be sampled by Kid Rock. Like I said, I'm baffled.